A new update for reactive programming

Eclipse Vert.x v3.7.0 includes GraphQL extension for Vert.x Web

Creating Reactive apps in the JVM with Vert.x just got even better with the new 3.7.0 update. This is the last minor update before v4.0 hits the scene. It includes several new features including the new Web GraphQL extension, AMQP Client, and several new APIs that improve upon the current ones.

Let's talk about HTTP/2

Scalable open APIs with Eclipse Vert.x

Make sure your web APIs are benefiting from all the improvements provided by HTTP/2 with Eclipse Vert.x, a toolkit to build distributed reactive systems on the top of the JVM. In this article, Julien Viet and Francesco Guardiani explore how you can ensure better latency, concurrency control, and capacity planning for your web apps with Eclipse Vert.x.

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