A feature five years in the making

TypeScript 3.7 adds long-awaited optional chaining feature

The newest version of TypeScript arrived on November 5, 2019. It includes new tooling features, optional chaining, nullish coalescing, assertion functions, and much more. TypeScript is on the up and up, according to the spring Technology Radar report, when it moseyed on up to the ‘adopt’ sector. See what’s new in the open source programming language.

JavaScript is going to the birds

Feathers 4: JavaScript and TypeScript framework creates real-time apps

The latest release for Feathers is here! Feathers is a web framework for real-time applications and REST APIs for JavaScript and TypeScript. It works with any backend and supports over 15 databases out of the box. Find out what this framework can do for you and what the new update includes, and how you can start creating a production-ready app or start a prototype.

Quality of life improvements

TypeScript v3.6 introduces more accurate array spreads & stricter generators

The general release for TypeScript version 3.6 is here! This update includes some new features, breaking changes, and a well-needed refresh for the TypeScript playground. Check out the new features, including stricter generators, more accurate array spreads, better Unicode support for identifiers, improved UX for Promises, and more.

Preview the beta

TypeScript 3.6 beta: Update adds stricter generators & breaking changes

Another update for TypeScript arrives. As the TypeScript team prepares for the full release of v3.6, users can now download the fully-featured beta release and see what the new additions include. This update includes several breaking changes, improved Promises API, stricter generators, and more accurate array spreads.