Taking a look at JobRunr

An introduction to JobRunr, a distributed background job scheduler

JobRunr analyzes and serializes all your jobs as readable JSON to either a SQL or NoSQL database. If too many background jobs are created, you can scale horizontally by spinning up more instances of your application. As the jobs are stored as JSON in a central database, the workload can be spread over multiple JVM’s.

Simulate and solve

Buggy App – Simulate performance problems

Using the simple Java application Buggy App, you can simulate various performance problems in your environment. This article will examine some use cases, how to download the application, and what common performance problems you can simulate through Buggy App.

Step-by-step game creation

Avoid the Enemy! This is a simple game made with Kree.

Follow this tutorial and learn how to make a simple game using Kree Java. Learn how to create a scene, create a GameObject, add components to the GameObject, gather input from a user, create custom components, generate random numbers, and detect collisions.

Configuring with Ubuntu 16.04

How to install and configure Apache2

In just a few easy steps, this article covers how to install and configure Apache2 web server in Ubuntu 16.04. Simply follow along with these seven steps and plug in your own domain name into and get started.

C# tutorial

How to read and write in Console app in C#

Newcomers to learning the C# programming language might have some questions about how they can read or write to Console app. This tutorial by full-stack developer Vikas lalwani will show you a few examples, some sample code, and some output. By the end you will know a few new methods that will help you out as you continue to learn how to program with C#.

Untangling bad code

Pitfalls in designing the application’s business layer

Even the simplest software can sometimes tangle up into spaghetti code and become a nightmare to navigate, especially in legacy systems. In this article, view some bad code from an application’s business layer and how to fix it with better design practices. Take care of nightmare code before it becomes too much to handle with these small improvements.

Time to extract data

Quick guide: How to create a Python-based scraper

The usage of web scraping is actively increasing, especially among large e-commerce companies as a way to gather data in order to compete, analyze rivals, and research new products. Web scraping is a method of extracting information from websites. In this tutorial, learn how to create a Python-based scraper. Dive into the code and see how it works.

Setting up Jakarta mail

Tutorial: How to send emails from your Java app

Did you know that your Java app can be integrated with any available SMTP server to send emails? This tutorial goes over how to send emails via your Java app, from setting it up, to building messages, to sending them with Gmail SMTP. Jakarta Mail (previously called Java Mail) can send and receive HTML emails, even with attachments and images.

How to evenly distribute traffic

Load balancing: Round robin may not be the right choice

When it comes to load balancing, round robin may not be the best algorithm to choose from. If auto-scaling is instrumented, it is even worse. In this article, see a simple example explaining why this is so, how the round robin algorithm works, and which load balancing algorithm you should potentially pick instead for even traffic distribution.