Avoiding disaster

How code testing can do more harm than good

There’s nothing worse than repairing a bug and subsequently introducing four new ones. In this article, Albert Ziegler explains that while testing can improve certain areas of code, out of sight, other areas can be impacted and languish.

7 days of upcoming tech trends!

5 predictions on where testing will go in 2019

2018 has certainly been a year. As the days grow shorter, we can’t help but look forward to a brand new 2019 and all the amazing tech trends in store for us. Today, we hear more from Lubos Parobek, Vice President of Product at Sauce Labs, about how testing will be completely transformed in 2019.

Video interview with lx-chel Ruiz | JAX London 2018

Debunking testing misunderstandings: “Testing code is even more important than producing code”

There are a bunch of misunderstandings in testing, starting with the fact that we never fully understand why we should test code and what is the idea of testing. Software testing is not only necessary; it is one of the foundations of this industry. We caught up with lx-chel Ruiz at JAX London 2018 to debunk some of the testing myths and to talk about the many tools that exist and when they should be used.

Watch Christian Schneider's DevOpsCon 2017 session

Security professional’s toolbox: Semi-automated pentesting with open source tools

Despite the high quality of supportive tools in the field of security testing, this is still unknown territory for many development projects and therefore still has some unused potential. Christian Schneider’s session at DevOpsCon 2017 offers a well-rounded overview of the open-source tools used by security professionals and penetration testers in their daily work on the detection of security vulnerabilities.

Mock the unmockable

Testing PHP code more efficiently

Quality code is highly valued in the PHP community. You’ll rarely find untested libraries on GitHub. Two problems that developers encounter again and again during testing are the handling of file operations, as well as testing built-in PHP functions such as time() or exec() on certain expectations. In this article, Tommy Mühle explains a few solutions for such cases.

Weighing up the benefits

Manual vs. automated testing

Automated testing can speed up the testing process, but manual tests can help quickly familiarise testers with the product’s features. Is one approach better than the other? Jason Silberman investigates.

Five tips for DevOps success

Where DevOps can make a difference

The positive change that DevOps brings for enterprise IT is becoming more and more obvious. And yet DevOps success doesn’t come easily. When it comes to implementing a DevOps approach together with Continuous Delivery, the key to success is trust and visibility.

Interview with Johannes Link

Crowdfunding for JUnit Lambda is underway

With JUnit’s crowdfunding campaign gaining traction, we’re all for further development of the popular unit testing tool. Johannes Link reveals in this JAXenter interview where the problems currently lie with JUnit and how these might be addressed in a possible JUnit 5.0.