The road ahead

Scala 3 arrives in 2020: How can you prepare for the big update?

Over the past few years, Scala has become a noteworthy programming language, gathering users turning to it as a substitute for Java that can run in parallel with Java on the JVM. As we head towards the release of Scala 3, developers have some questions. What is Dotty? How do I migrate? Why am I getting flashbacks to Python 2? Luckily, a new blog update gives us some answers.

Watch Christopher Batey's JAX London 2018 session

Scala: Beyond the basics

What are the practical uses of the more advanced language features in Scala? In this session, Christopher Batey covers specific language features with their use cases.

Awaiting Scala 2.13

Scala 2.13 release candidate offers up new language refinements

Scala lang combines object-oriented programming and functional programming into one high-level language. Now, Scala v2.13 is almost here. The first 2.13 release candidate is out and available for your perusal. Scala 2.13.0-RC1 adds collection changes, improved JDK 12 compatibility, compiler changes, and much more.

Scale up your success

Top 5 IDEs and text editors for Scala

Scala may have started off as an alternative for Java, but it’s developed into a popular programming language in its own right. This week, we take a look at some of our favorite IDEs and text editors for Scala.

Pick the right Scala library for your project

A quick tour of build tools in Scala

In such a vast and rich ecosystem such as Scala’s, it is often difficult to decide what is the best library or build tool choice for a certain project. Here, Manuel Bernhardt gives a quick tour of build tools in Scala in order to help you pick the right tool for your project.

TIOBE Index for May 2018

Scala cracks the top 20 in major TIOBE reshuffle

Big changes on the popular programming language index, as Scala leaps upwards to crack the top twenty. It’s not the only major adjustment for May’s TIOBE Index, as Google’s re-indexing causes titanic shifts for Go, R, and Swift.

What to expect from Scala 2.13 and beyond

Countdown to Scala 3 – Dotty confirmed for Scala 3.0

Scala 2.13 may be a few months away, but the future is looking bright for 2.14 and beyond. We check in to see the state of Scala and where this popular JVM language is heading. It’s still not set in stone, but keep early 2020 free for Scala 3!