Scaling the modern app world

Modernizing Java to keep pace in a cloud-native world

Java is no spring chicken and some are even referring to it as a “vintage language”. Despite its popularity, there are some complaints about it. In our new cloud-native world, why does Java need to evolve? In order to evolve to keep up with modern, cloud-native apps, Java needs to keep all of what makes it so dependable, while also being able to function in new app environments.

New release for supersonic subatomic Java

Quarkus 0.22.0 launches new user-friendly web interface

Quarkus version 0.22.0 arrived recently, adding a Quarkus Extension for Spring Web API, and a new web interface for easily creating Quarkus applications. See the newest changes and be sure to check out our interview with Alex Soto, Java Champion and Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat about the future of Quarkus.