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Algojammer: Visualizing algorithms with experimental Python code editor

Do you take part in algorithm competitions such as Code Jam? Maybe you are just interested in the visualization of algorithms? Algojammer is an experimental code editor and debugger for writing algorithms in Python. The project is currently unfinished, but perhaps you can help contribute!

Overview of the DigitalOcean Currents report

JavaScript dominates open source, Java trails behind

The time has come for another Currents report! The fifth edition of the Currents Report on Developer Trends in the Cloud is here and in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the open source movement, it is focused solely on the open source ecosystem. Here, we take a closer look at some of the most interesting highlights.

Intro to snake charming

Are you a Python newbie? Meet the IDE for beginners

Are you learning Python? Whether you are taking a course or learning on your own, Thonny is an IDE for beginners that comes built-in with some tools to make your lessons easier. They should know, it was developed by a University!

Who will take the crown?

The empty Python throne: Will there be a new BDFL?

It’s been a week since Guido van Rossum took a permanent vacation from his role as Python BDFL. What’s been happening in the community since then and what does the future of governance hold? We take a look at the discussion and see what suggestions are being discussed.

No need to slay this one

Come, Nagini. We need to verify that Python code

Nagini, except for being the… massive friend of he-who-must-not-be-named, is also a static verifier for Python, built on the Viper verification infrastructure. Is it me or did a lot of snakes just started hanging around?

Farewell to the BDFL

Python creator steps down

The news is out. Guido van Rossum has stepped down from Python. Why did he leave? And what did he say in his farewell? Amidst speculation, we say a fond farewell to the Python BDFL and wish him luck on his next adventure.