Interview with Pamela Prosperi, team lead for emulators and simulators at Sauce Labs

Finding your “forever” programming language: Is it still possible in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape?

Developers are expected to evolve alongside the rapidly changing technology landscape. So the secret to becoming a better engineer lies in the ability to keep yourself abreast of the latest updates in technologies and languages. We talked to Sauce Labs’ Pamela Prosperi about the languages she uses, her “forever” language and more.

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Algojammer: Visualizing algorithms with experimental Python code editor

Do you take part in algorithm competitions such as Code Jam? Maybe you are just interested in the visualization of algorithms? Algojammer is an experimental code editor and debugger for writing algorithms in Python. The project is currently unfinished, but perhaps you can help contribute!

Overview of the DigitalOcean Currents report

JavaScript dominates open source, Java trails behind

The time has come for another Currents report! The fifth edition of the Currents Report on Developer Trends in the Cloud is here and in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the open source movement, it is focused solely on the open source ecosystem. Here, we take a closer look at some of the most interesting highlights.

Intro to snake charming

Are you a Python newbie? Meet the IDE for beginners

Are you learning Python? Whether you are taking a course or learning on your own, Thonny is an IDE for beginners that comes built-in with some tools to make your lessons easier. They should know, it was developed by a University!