Other digital skills are no longer optional

DevOps, C++ & Python most in demand job skills

DevOps, C++ & Python are indispensable skills in tech, showing a huge year-on-year growth as well as continued dominance in terms of what employers want. However, there is also a trend that more and more digital skills are demanded from those working in non-IT positions as well.

Heating things up

Python Fire v0.2.0 CLI library upgrades with new improvements

Python Fire turns up with a new update. The latest release, version v0.2.0 adds some new improvements. This library auto-generates command line interfaces (CLI) from any Python object. You can call Fire on Python functions, classes, objects, dicts, or anything else!

Fast start-up for small Python scripts

ExpressPython: Lightweight, portable Python editor for small scripts

There are many IDEs for Python, and it’s time for one more. ExpressPython is a lightweight, small code editor for Python 3. Originally built to help teach students how to code, it can be used in programming competitions, or just when you need a fast, small, clean code editor.

Is there still room for Perl?

TIOBE Index July 2019: Perl hits its lowest popularity

Are Perl’s days numbered? As Python continues to rise up the TIOBE Index, Perl lands in its all-time lowest spot on the charts. However, don’t be so quick to declare its death. Let’s take a look at this programming language, its waning popularity, and what its current developers are using it for. (Did you know DuckDuckGo uses Perl?)

TIOBE Index for June 2019

Will Python overtake Java as the most used programming language?

Java and C are the most popular programming languages, however, Python continues to see amazing growth in 2019. The TIOBE Index claimed that Python might overtake Java and C as the most popular language in a few years. Is this accurate? Let’s take a look at this month’s index and see what the projections are.

Dive deeper into your data

Create interactive data-exploration tools and web apps with Python in Panel

Python continues to be the language of choice for all things scientific. Panel is a new open source high-level library for creating ways of showing off scientific data. It supports popular Python plotting libraries such as Bokeh, Matplotlib, and Datashader for data visualization. Create reactive objects with Panel and compose plots, tables, and more.

Assignment expressions, positional-only parameters, and more

Python 3.8.0 beta 1 has arrived: Have you peeked at the new v3.8 features yet?

The first beta release for Python version 3.8 is here. Check out the new features, report any potential bugs, give feedback, and catch a sneak peek on the newest release highlights in order to prepare yourself for what’s coming in Python 3.8. (Have you met the walrus operator?)

Everything you need to be prepared

The sunset of Python 2: What do IT leaders need to know?

Support for Python 2 will be cut off in 2020 and some may have already been feeling the pain! What are the next steps? How can you start preparing for migration to Python 3? In this article, Bart Copeland has some handy advice.

Settings management with Dynaconf

Dynaconf: Dynamic settings configuration for Python apps

Dynaconf is a dynamic configuration for Python applications. With it, you can set one canonical settings module to use for all instances. Users can also change their dynamic parameters without having to deploy their application. This settings config tool for Python offers extensions for both Flask and Django.

Python rates as the most wanted programming language

Stack Overflow developer survey 2019: Python more popular than Java

Stack Overflow’s annual developer survey is back with results for 2019. Find out what technology is most loved, most dreaded, and most wanted. This year there are more insights about the global developer profile, demographics, and what challenges get in the way of workflow. With nearly 90,000 responses from around the globe, this is the world’s largest developer survey.

The highlights of the new release

What’s new in Django 2.2

Django is a Python web framework for rapid development and this week it reached its 2.2 version. Most important highlight of this release is that 2.2 is a long-term support (LTS) version. Let’s take a closer look.