It's been said only a madman would use all of C++. It's also been said only a madman would use C++."

Programming Style and Your Brain – Douglas Crockford

In this talk from JAXconf, Senior JavaScript Architect Douglas Crockford discusses the relationship between programming style and your brain. Session Overview: The systems in our brains that make us vulnerable to advertising and propaganda also influence our programming styles. This talk looks systematically at the development of a programming style that specifically improves the reliability of programs. The examples are given in JavaScript, a language with an uncommonly large number of bad parts, but the principles are applicable to all languages. Filming from Marakana Tech TV. Picture courtesy of jetheriot on Flickr

In search of simplicity

Can Scala bring back the Joy of Programming?

Much of the work of a Java developer today consists of monotonously cobbling together libraries, integrating frameworks, refactoring, testing and deploying existing code. Maybe the fun comes back in programming in a language which is said to be “purely academic”?

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