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Interview with Karthik Ramasamy, co-founder of Streamlio

“IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat is a signal that we are entering the next phase of the cloud battle”

The news that tech giant IBM is acquiring Red Hat made waves throughout the industry. This acquisition breathes new life into the open source ecosystem but it also adds a note of caution. We talked to Karthik Ramasamy, co-founder of Streamlio about the impact of the acquisition on the open source ecosystem and more.

Overview of the DigitalOcean Currents report

JavaScript dominates open source, Java trails behind

The time has come for another Currents report! The fifth edition of the Currents Report on Developer Trends in the Cloud is here and in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the open source movement, it is focused solely on the open source ecosystem. Here, we take a closer look at some of the most interesting highlights.

Navigate the high seas with Sourcegraph

Open source code search: Sourcegraph is your new navigational captain

Another one joins the open source club. Sourcegraph is a code search tool available for individual users and businesses that helps you navigate with powerful queries. The creators have a noble vision about the future of software creation, and by open sourcing their project we are one step closer.

Do as trivago does

Securing the future of open source

trivago firmly believes that a sustainable open source ecosystem is good for all internet users. Patrick Gotthardt urges management teams across the technology industry to look closely at the open source tools that they rely on.


Open source: The next 20 years

As the open source community continues to grow, it’s important that users keep in mind that the people writing software are doing what they can to keep it working and to support it, probably on their own time. In this article, Isaac Murchie, Head of Open Source at Sauce Labs explains where Sauce Labs sees open source heading in the 20 years ahead.

Interview with Tim Mackey [VIDEO]

AppSec at the speed of DevOps in the age of open source

In the world of DevOps, traditional application security is no longer enough. How can we improve AppSec? What are the newest security challenges that arise as DevOps becomes more mature? JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc caught up with Tim Mackey, technical evangelist for Black Duck by Synopsys at DevOpsCon 2018 to talk about all this and more.