Containers for Eclipse

Eclipse microservices and service discovery

Discover service discovery, an essential part of microservice architecture becomes necessary when we start using containers and container orchestration mechanisms. In this article, Urban Malc and Matjaz B. Juric describe the most important scenarios for service discovery, as well as service discovery support in the KumuluzEE microservice framework.

Interview with Kai Tödter

Microservices are more than just a hype

Microservices may be a trendy architecture style right now, but they’re a flexible, yet solid foundation for software. In this interview, JAX London speaker Kai Tödter describes some of the advantages and disadvantages of microservices. Plus, he explains why cloud computing is a natural support for a microservices architecture.

Making it micro

Microservices demand a micro approach to integration

More and more organizations are turning to microservices. But microservices need an integrated approach, otherwise it might fail. In this article, Mifan Careem explains why integration microservices are a more flexible approach to microservices architecture.

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JAX Magazine: The answer to Java 9 and modularity

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Java? How about blockchain, DevOps and microservices? If you want to learn about emerging technologies or dive deeper into topics you’re already familiar with (I’m looking at you Java 9), what better way to do that than to go straight to the source? Open the magazine and allow the experts to shower you with information!