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#machine learning

Interview with Christoph Henkelmann

Machine Learning algorithms: Working with text data

Deep down ML is a pure numbers game. With very few exceptions, the actual input to an ML Model is always a collection of float values. We talked with Christoph Henkelmann about the way ML algorithms work on words and letters, the difference between image and text and how to handle textual input properly.

Interview with Shirin Glander and Uwe Friedrichsen

Deep Learning: It’s time to democratize technology

Deep learning is probably one of the hottest topics in the field of software development at the moment. We spoke with Shirin Glander and Uwe Friedrichsen, both giving an introduction into deep learning at JAX 2018, about such future prospects.

Interview with Reynold Xin, co-founder and Chief Architect at Databricks

“A machine learning model is only as good as the data it is fed”

Apache Spark 2.3 was released earlier this year; it marked a major milestone for Structured Streaming but there are a lot of other interesting features that deserve your attention. We talked with Reynold Xin, co-founder and Chief Architect at Databricks about the Databricks Runtime and other enhancements introduced in Apache Spark 2.3.