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Kubeflow 0.3 brings better multi-framework support

It’s been three months since Kubeflow 0.2 was released so now it’s time for 0.3 to shine. This release provides easier deployment and customization of components and better multi-framework support. In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the highlights.

The reality of modern technology

AI and machine learning in software development: Benefits for developers

New ways of handling large amounts of data by building more layers of artificial intelligence into computer systems have been allowing developers and businesses to create computer systems that work for them. In this article, Paul Bates explains why the future of consumerism and business optimization relies on machine learning and what role developers play in all this.

Watch Sigrid Keydana's talk at ML Conference 2017

Coding deep learning: The absolute minimum an interested developer should know

Deep Learning is all the hype these days, beating another record most every week but writing code for deep learning is not just coding – it really helps if you have a basic understanding of what’s going on beneath. In this session from last year’s ML Conference, Sigrid Keydana offers a quick lesson on deep learning, as well as some tips and tricks for developers who’d like to dip their toes into this topic.


How to use Machine Learning for IoT analysis

Many of the most exciting high-tech projects nowadays include bringing together knowledge from two or more well-established and fast-growing fields. One of the prominent examples is applying machine learning in order to filter and analyze the huge amount of data we obtain from the Internet of Things (IoT). But first, let’s see why IoT needs help from artificial intelligence in order to reach its full potential.

Interview with ML Conference speakers Tina Nord & Kathleen Jaedtke

ML at its best: How the communication between human and machines works

Machine learning enables customized conversations between man and machine that can result in buying decisions. We asked Tina Nord and Kathleen Jaedtke to explain how this can be achieved through the use of dialogue-oriented technologies. Let’s take a look at how communication between man and machines works.

Making improvements to user experience with ML

How machine learning is changing the travel industry

Machine learning’s growth continues as it permeates into unrelated industries. Travel booking might not seem like a good fit at first, but Wilco van Duinkerken of trivago explains how ML is innovating the way you find and book your next holiday.

How to avoid false starts and get ahead of everyone else

Does your company have a machine learning strategy?

Are you ready for machine learning? Do you have a plan? In this article, Atakan Cetinsoy from BigML goes over six things that every organization needs to be aware of when they’re devising their own machine learning strategy.