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Spotlight on libraries: Top 5 open source libraries for Kotlin

We’ve already gone over our favorite IDEs and text editors for Kotlin, now we’re taking a look at libraries! In honor of the recently released Kotlin 1.3, today we’re going to explore some of our favorite libraries to really extend our use of Kotlin.

Plus critical bugfixes

Kotlin 1.3 RC is out: Coroutines graduation getting closer

Another release candidate for Kotlin 1.3 has arrived with critical bugfixes in tow. This release mostly focuses on cleaning up and polishing existing features before the big 1.3 final release! We do, however, have some noteworthy changes. Let’s have a look.

Kotlin 1.3-M2 is here

Contracts are coming to Kotlin 1.3

Kotlin 1.3-M2 is here. In addition to improving the stability of the features announced in Kotlin 1.3-M1, this new milestone release introduces contracts, a new experimental addition to the Kotlin type system.