Watch Uberto Barbini's JAX London 2018 session

Go Kotlin Go!

Ready for some fun? In this session, Uberto Barbini shares some experience in writing a didactic Go bot engine he developed in Kotlin. Let’s get cracking!

How do you use Kotlin?

Kotlin rising: JetBrains’ census reveals the community’s trends

Now that Android expressed that they will become “Kotlin-first”, Kotlin is on the radar. This programming language has been on the rise over the past few years. The latest census from JetBrains explores what’s trending in the community, and what developers are using Kotlin for.

Time for some Kotlin goodies

Kotlin 1.3.20 brings an extensive list of changes and improvements

Don’t let the number fool you! it may be a minor release but it brings some major improvements. From improvements to the compiler and IDE to building multiplatform projects via Gradle Kotlin DSL, Kotlin 1.3.20 features an extensive list of changes. Let’s have a closer look.

Kotlin 101 and beyond

All about Kotlin: 8 steps to app creation

Kotlin has gained the attention of many programmers lately, and for a good reason! In this article, Vikash Kumar shows you what this language has to offer and how to compares to Java. Get ready to make your first Kotlin app.

Kweb creates kwebsites

Kotlin library provides the keys for building interactive web apps

Fans of Kotlin: add another library to your list. Kweb is a Kotlin library for building web applications. This little library has some tricks up its sleeves. Aren’t head over heels in love with Kotlin yet? We give you a few reasons to try this programming language out!