Latest feature release for GraalVM

GraalVM 20.1 adds speed improvements, language updates & more

GraalVM 20.1 has arrived, three months after the last update. This feature release adds improved Kotline coroutine support in the compiler for increased runtime speed, a new mechanism for handling native images, and new language features for JavaScript, Python and more.

Watch Sébastien Deleuze's JAX session

Spring Boot with Kotlin, Kofu and Coroutines

Join Sébastien Deleuze, a Spring Framework and Reactor committer at Pivotal, for a live coding session. He will show you how to transform from a Spring Boot application created with Java to a Kotlin application. Discover how to use Coroutines in Spring and take your Spring Boot apps to the next level.

How do you say "boilerplate code" in Spanish?

Duolingo migrates from Java to Kotlin, reducing line count 30%

Duolingo has joined the list of companies switching their Android application code from Java to Kotlin. Duolingo’s developers found that by changing the code base to Kotlin, they reduced the line count by 30% on average, and up to 90% in some cases.

Lightweight Kotlin logging

Kotlin-logging wraps SLF4J for better native Kotlin support

Kotlin-logging is a lightweight logging framework written in pure Kotlin. It wraps SLF4J (Simple Logging Facade for Java) with additional Kotlin extensions. While we wait for the release of Kotlin 1.4, let’s take a quick look at this wrapper and how it expands upon plain SLF4J, and what alternatives exist for Android development.

Spring, Gradle, IntelliJ Idea and Java language versions

Top Java technologies in 2020 – JVM programming languages, IDEs, tools & more

We compared two current survey reports to find out about this year’s top three Java IDEs, frameworks, build tools and the most popular JVM languages. And, of course, the surveys conducted by Snyk and JRebel didn’t miss out on asking about the most used Java versions. The winner was no surprise, but what reasons speak against migrating?

TIOBE Index for December 2019

Python is on its way to become the top programming language of 2019

The TIOBE Index for December 2019 reaffirms the status quo. Java, C, Python, C++, and C# are all doing well, with no major changes in their ranking. As predictions for 2020 roll in, one language, in particular, has been receiving a lot of attention. While Kotlin is not in the top 10 (or even the top 20) on the TIOBE Index’s rankings, it should be in every mobile dev’s toolkit.

JetBrains hard at work

Kotlin 1.4 will arrive in 2020: How will it improve multiplatform?

Kotlin is enjoying its moment in the sun as it grows in the Android dev ecosystem. But what does the future hold? Recently, JetBrains discussed the future of the language and what we can expect in Kotlin 1.4 and beyond. As the annual KotlinConf wraps up, let’s look towards the future and see what improvements we can expect to arrive and what its current goals are.