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JAX DevOps: Early bird special ends April 11th

JAX DevOps 2019’s early bird special ends on April 11th. The conference features six focused tracks of workshops, sessions, over 40 international speakers and industry experts, and keynotes addressing recent trends and best practices.

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The JAX DevOps 2019 program is live!

Give yourself the gift of DevOps this year with tickets to JAX DevOps 2019! It’s time for our first look at the 2019 program and there’s a lot in store for developers both young and old. Get your tickets now to our premier conference for CI/CD, microservices, Docker, and cloud computing today and save big!

Plus JAX DevOps 2019 Call for Papers deadline!

Top 4 DevOps stories from hell

Halloween might be behind us, but here at JAXenter, we still have the spooky atmosphere going! Here are four DevOps stories from hell, guaranteed to give you the chills! And if after reading this post you feel like you may have one or two things to say about it, don’t worry! JAX DevOps 2019 is calling!

What to expect when you’re DevOps-ing

The ultimate guide to JAX DevOps 2018

Let’s get ready to DevOps! Have you got your schedule prepared for JAX DevOps 2018? It’s time to take a look at the program and see what sessions you absolutely can’t miss at the hottest conference for continuous delivery, microservices, Docker and the cloud.

Interview series with JAX DevOps speakers — Part 2

Should we incorporate a “Security First” mindset in DevOps? 6 experts weigh in

Should you pay more attention to security when drafting your DevOps approach? Our experts think that security should be included in the initial development along with all other concerns about how the software should perform. We invited six JAX DevOps speakers to weigh in on the importance of security in a DevOps context, companies’ move to the cloud and how/if this trend will continue to grow in 2018. 

It's time for a shout out to DevOps influencers

Top 20 social influencers in DevOps 2018

Who are the most influential DevOps people in the Twittersphere? After analyzing thousands of accounts, we created a list of people that every DevOps enthusiast or pro should be following.

Interview series with JAX DevOps speakers — Part 1

DevOps trends and limitations forecasted for 2018

Successfully implementing DevOps practices can have a profound impact on a company but finding a good DevOps practitioner is an important piece of the puzzle. We invited six JAX DevOps speakers to weigh in on the DevOps trends and limitations forecasted for this year and answer the million-dollar question: What makes a good DevOps practitioner?