International developer insights

Coding bootcamps & YouTube: Developers in 2020 learn via non-traditional methods

The typical developer is changing with increasingly varied and non-traditional ways to learn how to code, such as videos, self-guided lessons, and coding bootcamps. Are they useful? This study by HackerRank says yes! Follow the current trends in development, see what language developers around the world hope to learn in 2020, and what job role is the most in-demand.

Our favorite GitHub repos

The trendy five: Starting the new year with the best GitHub repos from January 2020

It’s that time of the month again, time to browse the GitHub trending page and pick the best, coolest, or most impressive open source projects for the month. In January 2020, we saw some self-published books on GitHub that dive deep into JavaScript, a new programming language brought to you by an MIT CSAIL Ph.D. student, an interactive tool for creating diagrams with a hand-drawn twist, and more.

Watch Chris Noring's International JavaScript Conference session

Angular Schematics – The unknown hero

Behind every great tool is a great library. Schematics is the unknown hero behind Angular CLI and also some upgrade tools. Ever wondered how scaffolding a component really happens or how you could insert some code in just the right place in the code file? Wonder no more. Watch Chris Noring’s International JavaScript Conference session about Angular.

Watch Christian Liebel's International JavaScript Conference

Advanced Progressive Web Apps: Push notifications under control

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are used more than ever, as more and more people access the Internet primarily with their smartphones. This session by Christian Liebel from the International JavaScript Conference discusses how to create push notifications for a PWA using the Push API. Make your website feel like a real app using some helpful libraries.

Don't be a-fray-ed of change

Yarn v2 changes migrates codebase from Flow to TypeScript

Last year, Yarn laid out its goals for the future, including plans for an overhauled log system, becoming an API, a switch to TypeScript, and support for plugins and new commands. Now, that vision is fulfilled and the latest version has arrived. Let’s meet Yarn version 2, see the latest changes, and take a look down the road ahead for this JavaScript package manager.

Watch Taylor Krusen's International JavaScript Conference session

Building an OAuth Flow in a Node.js CLI

Sit back and watch this informative session from the International JavaScript Conference. By the end of the talk, you will have a better understanding of how to build an OAuth Flow in a Node.js CLI. This challenging task is made easier with the help of speaker Taylor Krusen, a Developer Evangelist for Dropbox.

Demand and hiring trends

2020 IT skills: what we learned from 213,782 coding tests

The IT job sector is growing and with its growth comes a higher demand for programmers. What skills and programming languages should you focus on? Data from over 213,000 coding tests revealed some IT skills hiring trends to look for in 2020. See what DevSkillers’ data reveals about recent IT trends from 49 different countries.

Salary figures and hiring trends

JavaScript developers average 2020 salaries hits $114,986 in the US

Any JavaScript developer will tell you that a fair salary leads to better work. Despite this, many devs are underpaid, and so they are jumping from job to job. The tech sector has the highest turnover rate, and losing good employees is costing businesses money. What should you be earning? Check out some of the current hiring trends for JavaScript developers in 2020.

Watch Tomek Rudzki's International JavaScript Conference session

How can you make a JavaScript website successful in Google?

We all want to find that SEO magic trick that boosts your Google search engine results. However, did you know that your JavaScript-based website might be holding you back from reaching the top of the list? Find out how to make your JavaScript site a success in this talk.

Interview with Krzysztof Piechowicz

Node.js is Dead – Long live Deno!

Deno is a new runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript, created by Ryan Dahl – the original creator of Node.js. The project is intended to fix design problems in Node.js described in Dahl’s famous talk “10 Things I Regret About Node.js”. We talked to Krzysztof Piechowicz (adesso AG) about the differences between Node.js and Deno. In the iJS video, Piechowicz goes into the topic in more detail and shows what is possible with Deno.

Listening in to 21,000 voices

The State of JavaScript 2019: Developers love React and TypeScript

Time to wrap up the year and take a look at the JavaScript ecosystem. Roughly 11 million developers use JavaScript, and while it’s a tall order to track everyone down and ask them what they love about the language, the State of JavaScript 2019 surveyed over 21,000 JS devs about their favorite frameworks, tools, and features. See what came up on top this year.