Post-Java EE 8 plans

Oracle is looking into opening up Java EE

“We believe that moving Java EE technologies to an open source foundation may be the right next step,” Java EE evangelist David Delabassee announced yesterday in a new blog post. Although Oracle is exploring moving Java EE technologies “to an open source foundation” *after* the delivery of Java EE 8, one cannot argue that this is a big step.

One step closer to reality

Java EE 8 Proposed Final Draft is here

Java EE 8 is one step closer to reality. The drafts of the Java EE 8 Platform and Web Profile specification docs that should be submitted to the JCP for Proposed Final Draft have been published. Read on to find out what’s new.

Transfer ballot initiated

MVC 1.0 JSR will soon belong to the community

Oracle announced in the Java EE community survey results that, in addition to withdrawing the JSRs for Management 2.0 (JSR 373), and JMS 2.1 (JSR 368), they are also “investigating a possible transfer of MVC to another community member or organization in order to complete JSR 371 as a stand-alone component.” Now it seems that its fate will be sealed on January 31.

Power to the community survey?

Java EE 8 update: No more JSR 373 and JSR 368

Oracle is officially withdrawing Management 2.0 (JSR 373) and JMS 2.1 (JSR 368). These changes reflect the importance ranking of these technologies in the Java EE 8 community survey.


JavaOne under crossfire: “Java EE is becoming more and more Oracle EE”

I couldn’t attend this year’s JavaOne opening keynote because my schedule didn’t allow me to travel to San Francisco this time. What a pity. Luckily, the keynote was broadcasted via live-stream. Therefore I made myself comfortable in front of my home office screen — after all, 2.5 hours of news from the Java World were waiting for me…

Insights gained during JavaOne 2016

A glimpse at Java EE’s future

Last week was the annual JavaOne conference in San Francisco. I had the opportunity to attend the conference and even had a chance to speak in a session — my session was titled “Java EE, Beyond the Basics.” This article summarizes what was presented at JavaOne regarding what’s coming in Java EE 8 and 9. Every single speaker made it a point to state that Java EE’s 8 and 9 plans are in early stages and this is all subject to change.

MicroProfile 1.0 is here

MicroProfile 1.0: HTTP is not the only way microservices communicate

MicroProfile 1.0 is intentionally feature-constrained so that a broader community can define its roadmap. The parties involved (Red Hat, IBM, TomiTribe, Payara, LJC and now SouJava) have agreed on a base set of features that defines solid and stable roots on which to grow and have added multiple member organizations and contributors. But that’s not all.