Pirates of the JVM Series

Functional programming made easy: Here comes Eta

We’re making an unexpected stop today while sailing the Functional Sea. All haul ashore for some liberty on Eta Island! We talked to Rahul Muttineni, CTO at TypeLead and the creator of the Eta programming language about its advantages and disadvantages, its core principles, and more.

"Beautiful is better than ugly"

Jython: Python for the Java Platform [Pirates of the JVM]

We’re still sailing the Dynamic Sea — you’ve already met Gosu and Golo so now it’s time to meet Jython, the island where Java sailors get seduced by Python. We talked to Frank Wierzbicki, Jython Project Lead about its advantages and disadvantages, its core principles and more.

Who's on team Jigsaw?

Will Jigsaw lead to the fragmentation of the Java community?

The countdown to the Java 9 release has begun — in just 100 days, we’ll be able to take it for a spin. However, some of the members of the Java Platform Module System expert group claim that we shouldn’t pop the champagne just yet. Is Jigsaw really that flawed or is it a worthy opponent to JBoss Modules and OSGi?

First things first: Kotlin first-class support

What’s new in Jooby 1.1?

Jooby 1.1 is here. Kotlin support is definitely the most exciting feature in this release but it’s not the only reason why you should take a closer look at this micro web framework for Java.

Most clicked news

Top 10 Java stories of March

Readers seemed to be diving deep into the archives of JAXenter this month. Our top favorites included how to build a REST API, the all new Angular 4, and the evergreen NetBeans or IntelliJ debate.

Unleashing the extreme power of today’s CPUs with a stream-oriented architecture

Financial portfolio management with Java on steroids

Unleashing the extreme power of today’s CPUs with a stream-oriented architecture! Marcus Gründler’ JAX Finance session will show you how to achieve speed improvements of a factor of 100-200 times compared to classic object-oriented design.

And the increasing use of Java in finance

Take advantage of Java 8: The change is very much worth it

The fact that Java is one of the hottest programming languages in finance is no secret. However, making the shift to Java 8 might not be so easy, especially since coding in Java 8 is different to coding in previous versions of Java. In this post, JAX Finance speaker Stephen Colebourne explains why developers *should* make the shift to Java 8.

Rampdown Phase 2

Java 9 enters second bug fixing phase

Mark Reinhold, the Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle, announced in a message to the OpenJDK mailing list that the second phase of the rampdown process has begun.

Portrait: Heather VanCura, Chair of the JCP at Oracle

“Technology reflects the people who make it”

Women are underrepresented in the tech sector —myth or reality? In addition to the Women in Tech survey, we also launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention. Today, we’d like you to meet Heather VanCura, Chair of the JCP at Oracle.

Next stop: Formal Public Review period

Java 9: The draft Public Review Specification is out

The countdown for Java 9 has officially begun and here’s the proof: Oracle’s Iris Clark announced the availability of the draft Public Review Specification and explained that, if everything goes well, it will be submitted to the JCP Program Management Office (PMO) for the formal Public Review period next week.