All the newest releases

Quarterly release: Eclipse IDE 2019-09 arrives

Eclipse Foundation’s quarterly simultaneous release for September has arrived right on time, with a new version of the Eclipse IDE. Let’s have a closer look at all the updates it brings and watch Holger Voormann’s latest videos on what new features for Git, Java, and Gradle it includes. Check out what other projects received an update in this release train.

New release for supersonic subatomic Java

Quarkus 0.22.0 launches new user-friendly web interface

Quarkus version 0.22.0 arrived recently, adding a Quarkus Extension for Spring Web API, and a new web interface for easily creating Quarkus applications. See the newest changes and be sure to check out our interview with Alex Soto, Java Champion and Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat about the future of Quarkus.

A curious production problem

TCP: out of memory — consider tuning tcp_mem

Ram Lakshmanan discusses a curious production problem with an application running on multiple AWS EC2 instances behind Elastic Load Balancer. In this article, find out about the error message “TCP: out of memory — consider tuning tcp_mem”, how it was handled, and some concluding advice about memory problems and the ‘dmesg’ command.

At long last

Java 13 – why text blocks are worth the wait

For a long time, Java developers had to take unattractive detours when formulating multi-line string literals, while enviously switching to Scala, Kotlin, Groovy and other languages. With JEP 355, text blocks are now being previewed in Java 13.

The eagle has landed

JavaFX 13 released – the new frontier for OpenJFX

What a week this has been! We got JavaFX 13 and Jakarta EE 8, and Java 13 is just around the corner, too! Now that the excitement has died down to a dull roar, we’ve put together a post detailing the key features and changes of the new OpenJFX release. Let’s take a look.

Jakarta EE 8 is headed for great things

Jakarta EE 8 Release @ Eclipse Foundation

To celebrate the long-awaited release of Jakarta EE 8, we’re featuring content from prominent names and faces in the world of Jakarta EE and enterprise Java. This article is written by Eclipse Foundation Jakarta EE Program Manager Tanja Obradovic.

Ballerina is en pointe

Ballerina version 1.0 adds Java interoperability and targets the JVM

Ballerina 1.0 has officially hit the stage! This open source programming language focuses on cloud-era applications, is cloud-native, and can simplify microservices development. Let’s recap some of the language’s features and what it sets it apart from the pack. Then we will dive into the release notes and check out what this latest release includes.

To OpenJFX 13, and beyond!

OpenJFX 13 – “JavaFX gets its own identity”

Today is a big day in the Java world – it’s JavaFX 13’s proposed release date! To welcome it to the world, we sat down with Java Champion Dirk Lemmermann to talk about what the new release has in store for developers, what his personal highlights of this new release are and what the future holds for JavaFX.

Let the games begin!

Jakarta EE 8 release – the future is now!

Jakarta EE 8 is finally here! It heralds a new era for Enterprise Java, as finally the community can look forward to the platform’s faster development. To celebrate, we sat down with Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, Mike Milinkovich to talk about the first release of Java EE under the umbrella of the Eclipse Foundation.