What to check when you throw a VirtualMachineError

How to fix a VirtualMachineError in Java

Even the best code throws errors. Being a developer means knowing how to fix them. In this article, Ram Lakshmanan goes over the many different types of VirtualMachineError for Java, as well as how you can solve these issues and get back to your day without a crashing app.

It's onward and upward from here

Project Helidon’s 0.11.0 release brings a bunch of API changes

Project Helidon, a set of Java libraries for writing microservices was introduced in September 2018. Although the big 1.0 release is not here yet, you should not overlook 0.11.0 as it includes a bunch of API changes (in preparation for the 1.0 release). In short, when you upgrade to 0.11.0, you will have to make changes to your application.

Time to say goodbye or not yet?

JDK 12 patrol: Discussion on Raw String Literals (Preview) reignited

The tech world is moving fast and we’re in for the ride! The JDK 12 development repositories are open and we thought it’s time to start a new thread in order to keep track of everything that’s going live. JEP 326: Raw String Literals may have dropped from JDK 12 but the discussion about the feature has been brought back to life. Let’s have a quick look.

General release is closer than it seems

JDK 12 is in Rampdown Phase One

JDK 12 entered Rampdown Phase One which basically means that the lineup is set – JDK 12 is locked in with 8 features (and one still under review). JDK 12 is on track for a general release in March.