Three Key Performance Indicators

Garbage Collection tuning success story – reducing young gen size

This article will take a look at a successful garbage collection tuning case study. Simply by making a minor change, it resulted in a dramatic improvement in garbage collection behavior for a popular application. Additionally, you will learn what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you should be focusing on.

Released with Jakarta EE 10

New Features in Jakarta JSON Processing and JSON Binding

This article recaps some of the significant new features and changes found in JSON Binding 3.0 and JSON Processing 2.1, the specification versions that will release with Jakarta EE 10. These include multiple clarifications and enhancements.

What's in the Software Development Kit?

Getting Started with the DataStax Astra Java SDK

For the uninitiated, a Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of software-building tools that streamline development for a specific platform. This article focuses on an SDK for Java in particular, which consists of three libraries: Stargate SDK, Astra SDK, and Spring Boot SDK.

Taking a look at JobRunr

An introduction to JobRunr, a distributed background job scheduler

JobRunr analyzes and serializes all your jobs as readable JSON to either a SQL or NoSQL database. If too many background jobs are created, you can scale horizontally by spinning up more instances of your application. As the jobs are stored as JSON in a central database, the workload can be spread over multiple JVM’s.

Innovations and growing markets

Java 2022: Predictions and Assumptions

The need to work from home and the inability to freely move around the world has stimulated the development of data security, cloud computing, big data, tools for remote work. The Java language and platform are still in demand and evolving. In this article, Alex Yelenevych is going to talk about what will influence the development of Java in 2022 and what to expect for developers of this language.

Evolving from a pre-cloud mindset

Evolving Java Runtimes for a Cloud-Centric World

Java runtimes currently operate with a pre-cloud mindset that does not leverage or take advantage of modern cloud environments. Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) can be modernized with new approaches that assume the presence of a “magic cloud.” Cloud-native compilation is a key example of this new approach, with production-ready implementations already producing highly efficient and affordable code optimization.

Interview with Otavio Santana, one of the JNoSQL project leads

Using NoSQL Databases With Jakarta EE and MicroProfile

Otavio Santana, one of the JNoSQL project leads, answered a few questions about the functionality of the Eclipse JNoSQL project – a Java framework that makes it easier to integrate Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications with NoSQL databases. Learn why Java developers should adopt the technology.

Diagnosing the problem

OutOfMemoryError: Kill Process or Sacrifice Child – Causes and Solutions

This post discusses what triggers this ‘kill Process or sacrifice child’ OutOfMemoryError and potential solutions to diagnose this problem. When processes in the host tend to consume more memory than the available memory in the RAM, Operating System based on its internal heuristics computations will kill certain processes.

Simulate, diagnose, and solve

Chaos Engineering – Stackoverflow Error

This article is part of a tutorial series by Ram Lakshmanan, in which you will learn how to simulate various performance problems. You will learn how to simulate a StackOverflow error, find out how to diagnose it, and most importantly, how to solve the problem.