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Java will never retire, developers are safe

Two decades after its release, Java is still developers’ darling. In this post, you will get to know the real reasons that have kept Java secure and away from retirement.

It lives!

MVC 1.0 is here to stay

When MVC 1.0 was dropped from Java EE 8, that should have been the end of it. But the community rallied and now MVC 1.0 lives on, with a little help from Java Champion Ivar Grimstad.

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Sunny with a chance of tweetstorms: 32 opinions about Java

Whether it’s about open source, Java, or even the intractable debate over stateful design vs. stateless design, Java Champion Lukas Eder has a lot of thoughts about the current state of the programming world.

JDK 9 receives eight-week extension

Java 9 delayed to September 21

In late May, Mark Reinhold proposed to “adjust the General Availability date in order to accommodate the additional time required to move through the JCP process.” Since there were no objections to the proposed eight-week extension, Java 9 will be released on September 21.

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Top 10 Java stories of May

Things are heating up as May gives way to June. What were we reading this month? Well, in addition to diving deep into the archives, readers were really interested in Angular 4, Java’s slight decline on the TIOBE Index, and especially the fallout from the controversial vote against JSR 376 and Project Jigsaw.

Trivial pursuit

How well do you know your Java trivia?

Java has been around forever. It seems like there’s nothing about this old favorite that we don’t know about. But do you really know everything about Java? Test your knowledge about Java and find out!

Caution: This change will not magically solve every JDK 9 adoption problem

JDK 9: Proposal to allow illegal reflective access by default

Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle, came up with the proposal to allow illegal reflective access from code on the class path by default in JDK 9 and to disallow it in a future release. Although the idea was well received, he emphasized that the change won’t “magically solve every JDK 9 adoption problem.”