General release is closer than it seems

JDK 12 is in Rampdown Phase One

JDK 12 entered Rampdown Phase One which basically means that the lineup is set – JDK 12 is locked in with 8 features (and one still under review). JDK 12 is on track for a general release in March.

Time to say goodbye?

JDK 12 patrol: Raw String Literals (Preview) proposed to be dropped from JDK 12

The tech world is moving fast and we’re in for the ride! The JDK 12 development repositories are open and we thought it’s time to start a new thread in order to keep track of everything that’s going live. Normally, when we update this thread we welcome new JEPs targeted to JDK 12 or present newly proposed ones. This time around we need to talk about letting a JEP go.

Errors be gone!

StackOverFlowError: Causes & solutions

Java programmers: don’t let the dreaded StackOverFlowError throw you off course. In this article, Ram Lakshmanan explores this common error, what causes it, and how to prevent it from being thrown. Let’s find out its inner mechanics.

Interview with Murray Rode, Chief Executive Officer at TIBCO

“Java risks setbacks if it becomes controlled by one or two mega vendors”

The news that tech giant IBM is acquiring Red Hat made waves throughout the industry. We talked to Murray Rode, Chief Executive Officer of TIBCO about the impact of the acquisition on the open source ecosystem, the multi-cloud trend and more. Since both IBM and Red Hat are deeply involved in the Java ecosystem, we also discussed what the Java market has to lose if things go south.