Interview with Krzysztof Piechowicz

Node.js is Dead – Long live Deno!

Deno is a new runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript, created by Ryan Dahl – the original creator of Node.js. The project is intended to fix design problems in Node.js described in Dahl’s famous talk “10 Things I Regret About Node.js”. We talked to Krzysztof Piechowicz (adesso AG) about the differences between Node.js and Deno. In the iJS video, Piechowicz goes into the topic in more detail and shows what is possible with Deno.

Interview with Jared Short

The 4 pillars of the Serverless First Mindset

What does the future hold for serverless technology? Will Knative become the de facto standard for developing container and Kubernetes applications in a serverless context? And what is the Serverless First Mindset? These and other questions were answered by Jared Short, Senior Cloud Architect, in our interview at the Serverless Architecture Conference 2019 in Berlin.

Interview with Joanna Hodgson, Director of presales at Red Hat

Ada Lovelace Day special: “It’s important that the female pioneers are visible and celebrated”

We’re celebrating Ada Lovelace Day on JAXenter! Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician and is today known as one of the first programmers in history. We spoke with Joanna Hodgson, Director of presales at Red Hat, about what Ada Lovelace means for women in tech today and her very personal connection with this inspiring woman. And we asked her, how she is going to celebrate this special occasion.

Interview with Eero Mattila, Principal Systems Consultant for Information Management at Quest Software

“Communication between all participants, consistent tooling and transparency are indispensable criteria in the database segment”

The database sector is an often underestimated area, in which DevOps principles can play a decisive role. In our interview at the DevOps Conference 2019 in Berlin we talked to Eero Mattila, Principal Systems Consultant for Information Management at Quest Software, about typical errors in agile environments and practices for the optimal implementation of DevOps in the database segment.

Interview with Billie Thompson, cloud-native consultant at Arkamuni

Distributed Tracing: Modern Debugging in Times of Serverless

As Serverless is on the rise, the art of debugging and tracing is changing, too, as well as the day to day work life of developers and admins. At the Serverless Architecture Conference 2019 in The Hague we talked to Billie Thompson, cloud-native consultant at Armakuni, about how Serverless is affecting the IT industry and how tracing is done in the times of Serverless.

"I'm not quite sure why serverless didn't take off sooner"

What exactly is Knative? An introduction with Evan Anderson from Google

What are the benefits of serverless computing? What exactly is Knative and what features are still in development? In our interview with Evan Anderson, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google, he gives an introduction into the new shiny serverless tooling based on Kubernetes. He also talks about the benefits and the downsides of serverless computing and why it is such a big topic at the moment.

Interview with Sven Efftinge, Product Manager at Gitpod & Co-Lead at Theia

Gitpod enters the stage: New IDE for GitHub projects

We first mentioned Gitpod last August. The new concept of this IDE allows you to create individual development environments from relevant GitHub repositories with just one click. Just like Project Theia, the company TypeFox is behind it. Co-founder Sven Efftinge, who is also product manager at Gitpod, introduces the new concept and explains the connection between Theia and Gitpod in an interview with JAXenter.