Interview with Bob Quillin, VP, Oracle Container Group

Introducing Fn: “Serverless must be open, community-driven, and cloud-neutral”

Fn, a new serverless open source project was announced at this year’s JavaOne. There’s no risk of cloud lock-in and you can write functions in your favorite programming language. “You can make anything, including existing libraries, into a function by packaging it in a Docker container.” We invited Bob Quillin, VP for the Oracle Container Group to talk about Fn, its best features, next milestones and more.

Trivial pursuit

How well do you know your Go trivia?


We’re back with a new programming pub quiz! This week, we’re testing your knowledge about Go. Do you know everything there is to know about this old favorite?

Guess again

Macaron — The “sweetest” web framework in Go


A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Macaron may sound like a delicious French dessert but this idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Macaron is a highly productive and modular web framework in Go which takes basic ideology from Martini and extends in advance. Plus, the logo is a dragon called Maca (there’s an explanation for that!).

Taking Stack Overflow Trends for a spin

TypeScript — a trend that keeps on trending

Earlier this week, Stack Overflow introduced a tool that tracks interest in programming languages and technologies, based on the number of Stack Overflow questions asked per month. If you want to see how popular your favorite programming languages are, try it. We chose TypeScript and the result is quite impressive.

What's new?

Go 1.8 is here


Go 1.8 arrives half a year after 1.7. It brings significant performance improvements and changes across the standard library and two minor changes to the language specification.

The wait is over

Go 1.7 is here


Go 1.7 has been released! The most significant changes are a port for Linux on IBM z Systems (s390x), compiler improvements, the addition of the context package, as well as support for hierarchical tests and benchmarks. This release maintains the Go 1 promise of compatibility.