Get your library card ready

Top 5 libraries for Go


A language is only as useful as its documentation. Today, we’re taking a look at five of the top Go libraries out there, to see what kind of foundation this strong yet easy to use language has to offer developers.

Don't worry though! Gopher mascot remains untouched

Go receives brand and logo makeover


April is the month of makeovers, it seems. Jakarta EE has a new logo, now Go is getting a brand and logo makeover. Don’t worry though — the Gopher mascot is not going anywhere.

Why Gophers are lazy by nature

5 things you can hate about Go (but don’t have to)


Go may not be much of a newcomer to the world of programming languages. But it’s developed into a very respectable, if opinionated language. Today, Christopher Engelbert goes over the five things you might hate about Go, but really don’t have to.

“Go and AWS — A perfect match”

Lots of popular DevOps tools are developed with Go, but AWS Lambda still doesn’t support it. How can developers work around this barrier? In this session, Andreas Mohrhard explains what serverless really is, how AWS and Go play well together, and how developers can benefit from using AWS Lambda and Go together.

We need to talk about backwards compatibility in Golang

New Go package versioning proposal promises compatibility without complexity


Go has always had something of a problem with incorporating version information with goinstall and go get. While the Go community has created a number of unofficial tools to deal with package versioning, a new, official proposal is now under consideration to provide backwards capability without increasing complexity.

Interview with Bob Quillin, VP, Oracle Container Group

Introducing Fn: “Serverless must be open, community-driven, and cloud-neutral”

Fn, a new serverless open source project was announced at this year’s JavaOne. There’s no risk of cloud lock-in and you can write functions in your favorite programming language. “You can make anything, including existing libraries, into a function by packaging it in a Docker container.” We invited Bob Quillin, VP for the Oracle Container Group to talk about Fn, its best features, next milestones and more.