Are you performing your due diligence?

Developers need to remain diligent at one-year mark of GDPR

It may seem like yesterday, but we have already reached the one-year mark since the enforcement of GDPR. Are you performing your due diligence? In this article, Chris Jordan explains why developers need always respect GDPR.

GDPR compliant organizations are 15% less likely to suffer a data breach

Want to improve your data security? Be GDPR compliant

No one wants their organization to show up on the 6 o’clock news for a massive data breach. How can companies protect themselves from cybersecurity threats? Well, a recent study from Cisco shows that following the GDPR regulations has a tangible effect on improving data security.

Interview with Michiel Rook, freelance coach, developer & architect | JAX London 2018

“Consent is one of the key concepts in GDPR”

The “developing under the GDPR” narrative is still not over. A big part of the developer world is still trying to figure out how to interpret the regulation. We caught up with freelance consultant and developer Michiel Rook to talk about the key concepts of GDPR and its implications in event sourcing.

How to follow the regs without sacrificing performance

Event sourcing and the GDPR

Thanks to Article 17 of the GDPR, organizations using event sourcing need to double check and make sure they are following the rules. JAX London speaker Michiel Rook explains a few simple fixes to make sure performance isn’t impacted by compliance.

First things first: What is geo-blocking?

How to avoid GDPR geo-blocking

In the case of the GDPR, many of the websites that have decided to utilize geo-blocking are doing so out of an abundance of caution, not because of specific transgressions. But why have we not seen actions like these taken before? The answer to that is simple: the stakes are much higher now.

Building your own in-house HTTP service for natural language processing

Machine learning and data sovereignty in the age of GDPR

Do you know where your data is moving? Dr. Alan Nichol and Ricardo Wölker will show you how to build and run your own GDPR-compliant Natural Language Understanding (NLU) service with the open-source Rasa NLU  library. You can query it over HTTP without Python knowledge and it leaves you fully in charge of your data.

It's coming!

How will GDPR complicate data collection?

The GDPR provides for the privacy of EU citizens regardless of where in the world their data is stored and used, so today’s CDO will need to have the ability to manage data collection, storage, and usage accordingly. Maggie Kimberl explains how this regulation complicates data collection.

It all boils down to GDPR

If it runs on garbage data, your beautiful machine’s going nowhere

As competition around algorithms will remain the most heated battleground for ad tech companies, excellent results all start with the quality of data. The old adage, ‘garbage in, garbage out’ has never been more apt. As it turns out, first-party data is not only the new gold standard for advertising, it’s set to become the legal benchmark too when the GDPR is enforced.

Privacy concerns

GDPR — Designing privacy and data protection

The General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect next year. Are you in compliance with the new EU privacy and data protection law? Alexsandro Souza explains some common technical GDPR compliance issues and how you can be ready.