Core Xtext dev Karsten Thoms tells us about the latest update

Xtext 2.19 release – builds on Eclipse’s new infrastructure JIRO

The Xtext team has released version 2.19.0 of Eclipse Xtext & Xtend. The current version is mainly a maintenance release. After working hard on some new features in the past releases, it was time for summer vacation during the current release period and for some focus on build engineering tasks. Still over 350 pull requests made it into the short release period.

It's been a long time coming

Jakarta EE 8 gets a release date

It’s been almost two years since it was announced that Java EE would be moving to the Eclipse Foundation with a new name: Jakarta EE. And now, at last, we have an expected release date for the first version under the Eclipse Foundation’s banner, Jakarta EE 8. And what else is happening in the world of Enterprise Java? Let’s find out.

The rules and regulations for collaborative Eclipse development

Collaborative specification development for the Eclipse Foundation

Collaboration is key for an open source project’s success. In this article, Wayne Beaton of the Eclipse Foundation explains four basic ground rules that help developers collaborate productively. After all, developing isn’t just coding, it’s working together to create something great.

Simple steps to new Eclipse specifications

The Eclipse Foundation Specification Process

How should software be implemented? At the Eclipse Foundation, this is decided by the specification document. Wayne Beaton, the Director of Open Source Projects at the Eclipse Foundation, explores the process for how project specifications are created and what this means for Jakarta EE.

The second quarterly Simultaneous Release is live

Eclipse IDE 2018-12 arrives with some major improvements

The second quarterly Simultaneous Release for the Eclipse IDE is here! The 2018-12 release brings along some major improvements including redesigned git perspective, faster UI, new quick fixes, and more. Let’s have a look.

Keeping track of Jakarta EE

Jakarta EE progress to date

What is Jakarta EE? Why has it moved to the Eclipse Foundation? What has been the progress to date? Mike Milinkovich answers all these questions and more in this progress report for Jakarta EE.

Let's talk about HTTP/2

Scalable open APIs with Eclipse Vert.x

Make sure your web APIs are benefiting from all the improvements provided by HTTP/2 with Eclipse Vert.x, a toolkit to build distributed reactive systems on the top of the JVM. In this article, Julien Viet and Francesco Guardiani explore how you can ensure better latency, concurrency control, and capacity planning for your web apps with Eclipse Vert.x.