The digital transformation journey

Time to Modernize Ops

Digital transformation is not simply a linear path. It is a journey made of many smaller journeys. In this article, Lori MacVittie, Principle Technical Evangelist, Office of the CTO at F5, takes a look at research from the annual State of Application Strategy Report and digital transformation.

Interview with Piyush Sharma

“Dev, Ops, and security need to work together to address risk”

It’s common for deployment speed to come before security in code, however this can lead to vulnerabilities and even cybersecurity attacks. We spoke with Piyush Sharma about how infrastructure as code (IaC) can help protect the supply chain and why development, operations, and security all need to align their priorities.

Improving the security of the continuous integration pipeline

Scanning and securing pipelines

Security checks must not feel like a drag on engineering velocity. A lack of communication between the engineers and developers is often a cause of delay to vulnerabilities being discovered, and unclear responsibilities and can affect the morale of engineers who may feel unable to understand and fix problems in their own code.

Overcome technical skills gaps and scale automation

Making DevSecOps an automated reality

It’s no secret that DevSecOps with its speedy delivery and reduction in risk can accelerate the pace of digital transformation. In this article, Michelle Sebek, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Progress discusses the role of DevSecOps in digital transformation and policy-based DevSecOps automation architecture.

Evolving with threats

From DevOps to FieldOps: Going beyond Secure by Design

In this article, Mike Nelson is the VP of IoT Security at DigiCert, discusses Secure By Design and IoT security after DevOps. The IoT needs to be Secure By Design – it’s an oft-repeated and fundamental best practice for IoT security. However – it’s not enough. Secure By Design is a necessary but insufficient step to reach the goal of a secure IoT.

Improving performance metrics

How GitOps Meant Fewer App Stalls and Failures for an Online Bank

This article examines GitOps in a real-world environment with issues and lessons on improving performance metrics for developers. GitOps provides an essential framework for DevSecOps, for security checks that extend throughout CI/CD, as well during the post-deployment stages of application management on Kubernetes clusters.

Security tactics

The DevSecOps Approach to Kubernetes

There are a variety of security best practices specific to Kubernetes ─ and containers in general ─ that can help secure the clusters and workloads. They all should be incorporated. This article explores DevSecOps and its approach to handling the Kubernetes infrastructure in a secure manner.

Focus on key priorities

How to Integrate Release Management with DevOps

DevOps is continuing to make a transformational impact on the ability of businesses to innovate and compete in today’s digital-centric industries. The key to adopting these methodologies is the integration of release management, which can deliver significant benefits for the whole software delivery process. Getting it right, however, requires organisations to focus on some key priorities.

Helping developers become more productive

4 Ways GitOps Can Make Developers’ Lives Easier

At the heart of a deployment, we as developers must describe how we want the workload to run — yes, at some point, there’s some YAML. But by moving the state of our CI/CD pipelines forward we can improve the state of the art. The GitOps process can both lower the often dreaded learning curve and the number of operations-related challenges that developers typically face when deploying on Kubernetes.

Watch Adam Wright's DevOpsCon session about PostgreSQL in a cloud native world

Cloud Native Patterns with Postgres on K8s

Adam Wright, Senior Product Manager at EnterpriseDB is always excited to share how you can use Postgres alongside data-driven apps born in the cloud. In his DevOpsCon session “Cloud Native Patterns with Postgres on K8s”, Adam will show you some core features and how to integrate PostgreSQL into Kubernetes and OpenShift Container Platform workloads.

Closing the Gap Between Continuous Deployment & Entitlement Management

Cloud Native Software Delivery

A significant gap often develops between continuous deployment of applications and accurate entitlement management—particularly as software producers shift to microservices that are delivered in containerized environments. This gap shouldn’t exist. Scott Niemann explains the impact of this gap and how to close it.