How much is it costing you?

Four Ways Bad Data Quality Can Wreck Your Business

In this article, Rex Ahlstrom, CTO and EVP of Growth & Innovation at Syniti, will examine the four primary ways that poor data quality negatively affects business. If you don’t know where your bad data is, how can you fix it? And how can you know how much it’s costing you?

Data is important to success

How enterprises can use third party data for their data strategy

One recent government-led study reported that 99% of businesses perceive data as important to their success. It’s clear that third party data deserves to be part of your data strategy. The only question is what you should be doing to include it and draw on it as fully as possible.

Key insights and benefits

Modern Data Warehouse Benefits Outweigh the Financial Cost

No matter the industry, size of the organization, technology involved, or data savviness, our clients always ask us the same question: how do the benefits of a data warehouse justify the cost? Learn about the main benefits of a data warehouse and how it will help you remain competitive.

Predictions from Patrick McFadin, Amanda Brock, Donnie Berkholz, & Frank Reno

2022 Outlook – Developer Experience, automation, & data

What does 2022 hold for developer experience, automation, and data? We asked the experts about their new year predictions for the upcoming year. How will developer experience develop, how will automation develop, what should developers automate, and what will be important in 2022?

What builders need to do to succeed, and how to do it

Your app is now a data app – here’s what you need to know

The opportunities — and requirements — are clear. To deliver the experience customers and users want today, every app has to be envisioned and architected as a data app. A data application effectively leverages data and provides an integrated, actionable analytics experience that augments its core purpose.

Overcoming complexity

Remove System Complexity with The “Impedance Mismatch Test”

Sophisticated systems don’t ensure great performance, but a simple test can tell if your data pipeline is getting too complex. It is very easy to get carried away and build a complex data layer without thinking about the consequences. The IMS score was created to help you be conscious of your decisions.

Interview with Krishna Subramanian, President and COO of Komprise

“Data continues to pile up at the edge, in datacenters and in clouds”

What are some of the most pressing problems with searching unstructured data today? We talked with Krishna Subramanian, President and COO of Komprise about new “deep analytics” capabilities for your data management software and best practices around searching/analyzing unstructured data.

What does modernization actually mean in practice?

Cloud-Driven Data Modernization

There’s an inescapable logic to data modernization, given that the cloud offers you new ways to deploy, distribute, and access your data. If you want to exploit those capabilities, your applications and data storage will change. There couldn’t be a better time to modernize your data models to match their new environments.

With a lot of data comes a lot of responsibility

7 Powerful Benefits of Data Visualization for Your Small Business

With a lot of data comes a lot of responsibility to make effective use of it, and derive insights from it. Data visualization is a great way to not only present your data but also interpret and analyze it accurately. Here are a few definite advantages that small businesses can enjoy through data visualization.

Interview with Krishna Subramanian, President and COO of Komprise

“Educate your business stakeholders on the data lifecycle”

Krishna Subramanian, President and COO of Komprise, spoke with us about current enterprise data management trends. Learn how analytics and planning can prevent high costs and help businesses and storage leaders make better decisions about data management.