Hitting the bullseye

Dart version 2.3 adds new features for improved UI building

Our readers voted Dart as the programming language that they want to hear about the most in 2019. Now, Dart version 2.3 is here with some new improvements for creating user interfaces and a new feature for IDE support. See what’s new.

The new release in a nutshell

Flutter 1.5 arrives with In-App Purchase plugin in beta

Flutter, Google’s popular mobile UI framework releases its latest version 1.5. Stuffed with updates and improvements, Flutter 1.5 brings important changes and new features including the much-requested In-App Purchase plugin in beta. Let’s have a look.

Bulls-eye! Execute your code however you like!

Execute Dart code natively with Dart VM

This VM explainer may still be a work in progress, but Dart VM is already good to go. Dart VM provides multiple ways to compile and execute your Dart code natively. Whether it’s from a JIT and AOT compilation pipeline or a snapshot, Dart VM gives developers their code execution method of choice.