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HOT or NOT: Top 5 cloud stories so far

We’re here with another list, only this time it’s *all* about the hottest cloud news we had so far in 2018! Why, you ask? First of all, because we are definitely having lots of fun making these lists! And second, we have so many things that went down during the first half of 2018 in the cloud ecosystem, so how can we keep up without a quick recap? What’s more, we have a very special JAX London goodie bag for you at the end of this article!

Overview of RightScale whitepaper

Don’t underestimate those instances — 35% of annual cloud spend is wasted!

Yes, cloud applications are the future. And yes, it is much comparably cheaper and endlessly scalable. But have you ever thought of how costly instances can get when running for day, months, years? Are you sure you have effective cost optimization processes? In this article, we take a closer look at RightScale’s recent whitepaper on cloud cost optimization.

DevOps from A to Z

Enterprises should look at DevOps as a company-wide transformation, rather than just a means for facilitating digital transformation. In this article, Anders Wallgren, CTO at Electric Cloud, gives an overview of how to implement DevOps the right way.

Interview with Liang Wang, co-author of “Peeking Behind the Curtains of Serverless Platforms”

Does serverless really have a dominant position in the IT landscape?

We recently presented the most interesting results introduced in the academic research titled “Peeking Behind the Curtains of Serverless Platforms”. But nothing is better than allowing the researchers to shed some light on their work! For this reason, we invited Liang Wang, who co-authored the paper, to answer some questions on behalf of the team behind the research Mengyuan Li, Yinqian Zhang, Thomas Ristenpart, and Michael Swift.