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K8s can't be stopped

CNCF survey reveals 78% use Kubernetes in production

According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Kubernetes usage has increased dramatically. It’s clear that containers in production are becoming the new standard. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation released the results of its 2019 survey. See what other insights they revealed about serverless technologies, service mesh tech, and more.

Interview with Red Hat's Cesar Saavedra

8 steps towards cloud-native development

Red Hat’s Cesar Saavedra talked to us about cloud-native development – what it is, what to keep in mind and what best practices he recommends for the shift. Our main focus was the eight steps that he feels will ensure the highest degree of success, as well as some extra advice for the two hardest changes that you need to make to switch to cloud native.

Video interview with Jessica Deen, Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft | JAX London 2018

“We’re drifting towards a cloud native era” 

We’re moving faster than we ever had before so we need to embrace the fact that we’re drifting towards a cloud native era. We caught up with Jessica Deen, Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft at JAX London 2018 to discuss how cloud native is shaking up the traditional workflow, the tooling, serverless and more.