The value of coding

National Coding Week 2021 – A view from the experts

We spoke to the experts Kara Sprague, Sean Farrington, James McLeod, Andrea Nagel, Matthew Strawbridge, David Huntley, Ursula Morgenstern, and Geoff Smith about National Coding Week. What is the current value of coding in today’s tech landscape? How do we open up digital skills to all?

With a lot of data comes a lot of responsibility

7 Powerful Benefits of Data Visualization for Your Small Business

With a lot of data comes a lot of responsibility to make effective use of it, and derive insights from it. Data visualization is a great way to not only present your data but also interpret and analyze it accurately. Here are a few definite advantages that small businesses can enjoy through data visualization.

Q&A with OpsRamp product manager, Jay Menon

Product-Led Growth in ITOps Puts SREs in the Driver’s Seat

In this Q&A, OpsRamp product manager Jay Menon explains what product-led growth is and how its use in the ITOps space will benefit SREs. All cross-functional teams – design, sales, customer success, marketing, engineering, and product management – must be focused on the sole goal: to improve the end user’s life.