Beyond buzzwords

Demystifying blockchain penetration testing

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we work and live. With its unmatched potential, it has given us complete control over our financial transactions, healthcare and numerous other activities which earlier required more privacy and transparency. This article will help you understand blockchain penetration testing beyond the buzzwords.

Foundations of security

Is blockchain the solution to internet insecurity? These two projects say yes.

The Internet was originally built without concerns for privacy, especially not the complicated security features required by today’s standards. It’s far too late to redesign the entire Internet, however, two blockchain projects offer potential security solutions. Blockchain’s capabilities of serving as a decentralized payment system could be the secret for the future of internet security.

People-centric and smart space tech

Adopt these 10 strategic technologies in 2020

Take a look into the crystal ball. What does Gartner predict for 2020? Here are ten strategic trending technologies that tech leaders should have on their radar in the coming years. Augmented and virtual reality might train employees in the future, voting might become based on a blockchain, and AI security might become the most important factor in risk management.

Beyond cryptocurrencies

3 challenges of blockchain adoption for enterprise developers

Now that we know all the possibilities blockchain can achieve, we are potentially on the verge of a mass blockchain adoption, starting with enterprises. However, since the technology is still so young, there are still a number of hurdles businesses will have to jump over and research before they implement it successfully. Here are the three biggest challenges that enterprises face regarding blockchain adoption.

Where does all the data go?

No, you don’t store data on the blockchain – here’s why

Blockchain is going through a lot of growing pains and there’s a lot of hidden costs that come along with it. Blockchain won’t be able to disrupt any real-world industry unless the problem of data storage is resolved. What are the alternatives? Some of them are more decentralized than others, some are cheaper than others – but they all work.

The blockchain professional of the future

The crossover skills of tomorrow’s blockchain developer

As enterprises invest in blockchain, many developers are adding blockchain skills to their long list of disciplines. This article explores some of the requirements that the blockchain developer of tomorrow will need, including a strong security background, and a vast understanding of global finance. Find out how the evolution of blockchain will affect professional credentials.

The early bird catches the worm

Last chance to get Early Bird tickets for Blockchain Technology Conference

Time is running out if you want to save up to €200 with your Blockchain Technology Conference tickets! It takes place in Berlin from November 11 – 13, so you know you don’t want to be anywhere else! More than twenty five international speakers will open your mind with three days of sessions, keynotes, and talks. Learn about blockchain technology, smart contracts, dApps and more.

The classroom of the future

The impact of blockchain technology on education

Education technology moves fast, and it goes beyond smart boards and remote learning. How might the blockchain be put to work in the education sector? Find out a few ways in which the students of tomorrow may use the blockchain to keep student records, control the dispersal of copyrighted materials, and innovative learning platforms.

Leading the path with blockchain

Can blockchain transform the banking industry?

The digital banking sector currently faces several problems, including non-financial institution threads. In this article, read about how blockchain could potentially be a solution for financial services and digital banking. Blockchain can help with solutions such as an improvised identity system (KYC), and by reducing the change of fraudulent transactions.

Encryption, autonomy, and anonymity

10 blockchain technology solutions for business in 2019

Blockchain provides powerful encryption, autonomy, and anonymity. But, how do you invest in the blockchain? It has investment uses in different fields, including copyright preservation, cashless purchasing, and transaction security. Here are 10 blockchain tech solutions for businesses, and a quick overview of how blockchain works in simple, easy-to-understand steps.

Decentralization is the key

6 ways cryptocurrency and blockchain are changing entrepreneurship

Blockchain technologies only continue to grow as time goes on. With decentralization, it has become easier to share things with others, ensure fraud protection, and make agreements. In this article, find out some of the reasons that adapting to the future means adopting blockchain technologies at the entrepreneurship level.