Unlock your blockchain potential

Beating the learning curve: Unlocking widespread DApp Adoption

How do you incorporate blockchain technology into your daily life? In this article, Jimmy Zhong, CEO of IOST, the application-friendly, next generation public blockchain infrastructure, guides you through DApp development and adoption. Move past the learning curve!

Living in a blockchain world

A blockchain nightmare

Blockchain’s substantial successes shouldn’t obscure the upcoming challenges it will face. Glenn Mariën goes over some of these issues that keep him up at night, from public buy-in to diversifying the blockchain developer pipeline.

The upside of down

Will dev-focused education initiatives reroute blockchain’s path to adoption?

As the blockchain industry heads towards a greater state of maturity, there is no longer a myopic focus on the technological front, but a keen realization that mainstream acceptance has to be accelerated based on engagement and awareness. In this article, Edison Lim, Application Lead at Zilliqa, explains why the view further down the road will greatly depend on the path we take now.

Watch Eoin Woods' JAX Finance 2018 session

Building applications on the Ethereum blockchain

Blockchain is rapidly becoming the technological darling in the worlds of FinTech and established finance alike. In this session, Eoin Woods gives an overview of blockchain fundamentals as well as how to create an application that uses Java enterprise technology with Ethereum’s blockchain.

The future of manufacturing

IoT and blockchain are ready to drive a manufacturing revolution

In this article, Ilya Pupko, chief architect at Jitterbit, explains how the convergence of IoT and blockchain can transform an entire industry. How can these two pieces of technology work together in manufacturing to help streamline workloads and provide a better view of assembly processes? The digital revolution is here.

Lowering the barriers of adoption with Java

Java will facilitate mainstream blockchain adoption

Unifying blockchain programming languages like Solidity with traditional languages like Java is the first of many steps that need to be taken before we begin to see mainstream adoption of decentralized technology. In this article, Sky Guo explains why Cypherium has chosen to run on Java and how this language can facilitate mainstream blockchain adoption.

Watch Conor Svensson's JAX Finance 2018 session

Ethereum blockchain development on the JVM

Interested in learning how to deploy and interact with smart contracts on Ethereum, all from within the JVM? In this session, Conor Svensson gives you a 101 on smart contracts and Ethereum blockchain.