Watch Patrick Kua's W-JAX keynote

Building Evolutionary Architectures

Things can change on a dime, leaving your teams unprepared, using outdated technologies. What is evolutionary architecture, and how do you build it? This keynote from W-JAX explores this architectural approach and how you can start focusing on change as a principle. Watch and learn from the mind of Patrick Kua, Chief Scientist and former CTO of the modern bank N26.

Tender love and care

Love your Architecture

Do you enforce an architectural blueprint over the lifetime of your applications? Apparently, its rarely done according to Alexander von Zitzewitz. Here he explains why more love for your architecture can result in better quality projects that are easier to maintain.

Jeremy Deane interview

What happens when you blame a developer for a problem?

What is the right technical and cultural response to the failure of a highly available system? At the JAX London, software architecture expert Jeremy Deane lead two sessions on the importance of resiliency and the challenges of technical change – we spoke to him about diffusion techniques and blameless work culture.