Practical steps

API Security: logic-based threats and how to combat them

APIs bring tremendous value to businesses in every sector. API traffic is growing exponentially at 30% year-on-year. However, the security model for APIs is problematic. What are the issues facing CISOs trying to secure their APIs? In this article, you will learn about the current issues and how to tackle them.

How zero-trust security principles can help your IT organization scale Kubernetes with confidence

Zero-Trust: Examining Security Practices for Kubernetes

In this article, we’ll explore how users can secure Kubernetes by discussing the four essential pillars for secure access to K8s, go over how zero-trust principles can be applied to Kubernetes, and look at best practices to create and maintain end-to-end zero-trust K8s environments across data centers, public clouds, and even the edge.

Interview with Borya Shakhnovich, CEO of airSlate

“API integration allows organizations to streamline operations”

We spoke with Borya Shakhnovich, CEO of airSlate, about the capabilities of no-code solutions and how they help empower non-technical business users. Borya Shakhnovich discusses some tips and things to consider when developing APIs and how airSlate overcame challenges during API development.

What's in the Software Development Kit?

Getting Started with the DataStax Astra Java SDK

For the uninitiated, a Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of software-building tools that streamline development for a specific platform. This article focuses on an SDK for Java in particular, which consists of three libraries: Stargate SDK, Astra SDK, and Spring Boot SDK.

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Serverless Architecture Conference & API Conference: Early bird sale!

You can attend the Serverless Architecture Conference and the API Conference either on-site in The Hague or remotely from your home office on April 4 – 6, 2022. Learn from innovators and experts in their field, discover best practices, and expand your horizons about serverless and API tech.

Making data easier to work with

How Data Gateways Simplify Developers’ Lives

Developers want to concentrate on what they do best: building applications; and they want to reduce tasks that pull them away from development. Data gateways make it easier for developers to work with data, without getting bogged down in the details of managing schema, data migrations, and other database administration tasks.

Make the transformation happen

How to Build Confidence in Your APIs

Your company’s approach to APIs should be central to any vision of best practices. However, the emergence of multiple protocols and tools has brought challenges to maintaining API quality and consistency. Many teams lack confidence in developing consistent, secure, and high-quality APIs.

Interview with Greg Schier, tech lead at Kong and the creator of Insomnia

Insomnia Designer: “Here’s what developers can expect”

We sat down with Greg Schier, tech lead at Kong and the creator of Insomnia, to understand the importance of this solution to developers working with APIs. Find out about its benefits to developers, and how a “spec-first” design to APIs helps.

Watch Oliver Drotbohm's API Conference session

REST beyond the Obvious – API Design for ever-evolving Systems

Most APIs built today are considered REST APIs these days, when in fact they merely exchange data via HTTP and JSON. At the same time, systems almost never act autonomously but rather live alongside others. In that context, being able to evolve an API becomes a crucial aspect in its design and the only knee-jerk, but often problematic reaction usually is: versioning.

Watch André Cedik's API Conference session

Call for a better Error Handling in APIs

“API calls are either successful or they fail” – at least that’s the concept current web protocols are based upon. But in the real world, it isn’t always that simple. Watch André Cedik’s API Conference session and learn about deeper complexities and use cases that aren’t as clear cut.