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All about Guardrails

Apache Cassandra 4.1 Features: Guardrails Framework

Andrés de la Peña, Apache Cassandra committer and software engineer at DataStax, will walk you through a new feature in Apache Cassandra 4.1: the Guardrails Framework. The new framework allows disabling certain features, disallowing some specific values, and defining soft and hard limits to certain database magnitudes.

Using Privacy Enhanced Mail

Can Apache Cassandra take my PEM keys?

This article discusses how to configure Apache Cassandra 4.1 and beyond to use your PEM-encoded (Privacy Enhanced Mail) security credentials like your private key, corresponding certificate chain, and trusted CA certificates. PEM makes it easier to transport, transfer, and even edit the data with simple text editors.

IoT use case solutions

Five Data Models for IoT: Managing the Latest IoT Events Based on a State in Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is a rock-solid choice for managing IoT and time series data at scale. The most popular use case of storing, querying and analyzing time series generated by IoT devices in Cassandra is well-understood and documented. In general, a time series is stored and queried based on its source IoT device. However, there exists another class of IoT applications that require quick access to the most recent data generated by a collection of IoT devices based on a known state. The question that such applications need to answer is: Which IoT devices or sensors are currently reporting a specific state? In this blog post, we focus on this question and provide five possible data modeling solutions to efficiently answer it in Cassandra.

What's new in 4.0?

It’s time to upgrade to Cassandra 4.0

Alongside stability, Apache Cassandra 4.0 stands out for its ability to scale operations faster, its new auditing capabilities, and the way it embraces privacy by design. In this article, we’ll cover the new features and walk you through the steps required to upgrade to Cassandra 4.0.

Automate repairs and apply best practices

Reaper: Anti-entropy repair made easy

Reaper is an open source tool written in Java and built with Dropwizard to schedule and orchestrate repairs of Apache Cassandra clusters. It was built to address those issues and make repairs as safe and reliable as possible. Get started, install Reaper and stop worrying about repairs!

Added improvements

Apache Cassandra 4.0: Taming Tail Latencies with Java 16 ZGC

With Apache Cassandra 4.0, you not only get the direct improvements to performance added by the Apache Cassandra committers, you also unlock the ability to take advantage of seven years of improvements in the JVM itself. This article focuses on improvements in Java garbage collection that Cassandra 4.0 coupled with Java 16 offers over Cassandra 3.11 on Java 8.

Becoming acquainted with Cassandra

Tutorial: Getting started with Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is a database that offers high availability and massive scalability. In this tutorial, Scott Hendrickson, Cloud Architect Team Lead, at DataStax shows you how to get started using Apache Cassandra. Find out how to create a service for a video recommendation application as a starting point for learning more about how Apache Cassandra works.

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