Working with cloud environments just got better

Apache Kafka 2.4 lets consumers fetch from closest replica

The Apache Kafka open source platform is particularly popular in the context of big data applications that require the processing of many data streams. Version 2.4 of the stream processing software has now been released – consumers can now fetch from closest replica and there is a new Java authorizer API.

Distributed deep learning with Apache SINGA

Apache SINGA is now an Apache Top Level Project

In October, the machine learning library Apache SINGA graduated from the Apache Incubator. Apache SINGA was built with a focus on deep learning and its features make it suitable for a variety of use cases—from healthcare to industrial application. Its maintainers also have some further projects for deep learning in mind.

Interview with Dave Brondsema, VP at Apache Allura

Apache Allura is more than just for software

Apache Allura is a set of tools to help people collaboratively develop software, and an open platform on which innovative new tools be built. It’s being hosted publicly and is built through contributions of individuals and companies who want to promote Open Source development. We talked to Dave Brondsema, VP at Apache Allura about what’s under this project’s hood and why software forges are gaining momentum.

Moving into a new home

Oracle no more — NetBeans is moving to Apache

Call it Apache NetBeans! NetBeans is moving to Apache, but it will continue to focus on the areas it has focused on while sponsored by Sun Microsystems and Oracle. Individual contributors from Oracle are likely to continue contributing to NetBeans, together with individual contributors from other organizations, as well as self-employed individual contributors.

Interview with Giles Sirett, PMC member of the Apache CloudStack project

Apache CloudStack allows DevOps teams to seamlessly provision compute, storage, and network resources

There are many hundreds of public cloud providers who use CloudStack to deliver IaaS to their customers. These range from massive, global provider’s right to small ISP’s who need to adopt a cloud model. Public cloud providers choose CloudStack because it provides all of the capabilities required to deliver multi-tenant IaaS services, in a cohesive, reliable platform that is easily deployed and managed. We talked to Giles Sirett, PMC member of the Apache CloudStack project, about Apache CloudStack, the idea behind this project and its biggest assets.