Big data with Apache ShardingSphere

Apache ShardingSphere is the latest Apache Top-Level Project

Previously in the Apache Incubator, Apache ShardingSphere has left its nest and graduated to a Top-Level Project. It is an open source ecosystem that can be used for handling big data and supports different functions including database orchestration. Let’s take a closer look.

Configuring with Ubuntu 16.04

How to install and configure Apache2

In just a few easy steps, this article covers how to install and configure Apache2 web server in Ubuntu 16.04. Simply follow along with these seven steps and plug in your own domain name into and get started.

Working with cloud environments just got better

Apache Kafka 2.4 lets consumers fetch from closest replica

The Apache Kafka open source platform is particularly popular in the context of big data applications that require the processing of many data streams. Version 2.4 of the stream processing software has now been released – consumers can now fetch from closest replica and there is a new Java authorizer API.

Distributed deep learning with Apache SINGA

Apache SINGA is now an Apache Top Level Project

In October, the machine learning library Apache SINGA graduated from the Apache Incubator. Apache SINGA was built with a focus on deep learning and its features make it suitable for a variety of use cases—from healthcare to industrial application. Its maintainers also have some further projects for deep learning in mind.