What should we measure?

DevOps and metrics – what should you be tracking?

More teams want to deploy services faster and the majority of companies have embraced agile and DevOps in how they work around software. What should DevOps teams track today, and how can they be sure that they are getting the most out of these newer processes?

Team structure

The structure of a software development team

In this article, you will learn about how both traditional and agile software development teams are structured. Learn about the three different approaches to team structure, their positives and negatives, and discover how to find out if your team is working well with your product.

The need for a unified approach

Why digital transformation alone doesn’t guarantee success

Successful digital transformation has a major impact on software development itself. Embracing more agile, collaborative strategies aided by the latest tools enables developers to be far more efficient. However, pursuing digital transformation is not a guarantee of success by itself.

The Outcomes & Iterations of Agile

Agile in the Age of Pandemic: Best Practices, Part III

Whether it’s a faster turn for development, more robust products or a delighted customer base—the benefits of Agile are there for organizations to realize. Learn how to curb your technical debt, close out your initial Agile-baed projects and know when your teams are “done”.

Running an Agile Program in Your Organization

Agile in the Age of Pandemic: Best Practices, Part II

It’s important, with Agile, to attain the right level of flexibility, run effective standups and Scrums, and take short sprints. This post focuses on what happens after liftoff: Best practices for actually running Agile within an enterprise. Ready to bring the concept down to earth? Let’s make it real.

Launching an Agile Program with a Remote By Design Approach

Agile in the Age of Pandemic: Best Practices, Part I

The Agile methodology began nearly 20 years ago, with the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Since then, Agile become has been adopted by most successful software development organizations, especially those competing on “internet time.” What are the best Agile practices?

Driving innovation

Why agile teams drive digital transformation

A team must be agile if they are to drive such innovation and still be effective and disruptive in a challenging environment. These key attributes will ultimately push organisations towards their digital transformation and long-term goals

Three heads is better than one

The badass trio: Agile, JavaScript, and startups

Why do so many startups fail? Startups being successful and turning into startup unicorns like Airbnb, Uber, or Slack isn’t just by chance! Why don’t we put the three – Startups, JavaScript, and Agile – together to create a badass trio that is hard to defeat?

Staying safe, staying Agile

How to keep your network secure & Agile during COVID-19

This article looks at the best ways to keep your corporate network secure and agile during the Coronavirus pandemic. And while mainly written with DevOps managers in mind, there are also plenty of key points for remote working developers to think about – after all, we need to support one another as a team during these tough times!

Plus: remote work surging ahead

Software development trends: Top tools and methodologies

No one can accurately predict where software development is headed, but we can make some educated guesses using trends and data. Let’s see what 2020 looks like and where we might be headed in terms of remote work, tools, tech, and agile methodologies.

Shifting focus

Predictions 2020: Observability and the future of testing

Although agile efforts are commonplace, many development teams are falling short in their efforts. In 2019, many teams are just beginning to learn how to test. But in 2020, they need to shift focus and start testing in order to learn. Observability will become a priority in the future of DevOps and agile development and will enable a more rapid and efficient cycle.