Synthetica ‘Look and Feel For Swing’ 2.9.2


Version 2.9.2 of the Synthetica ‘Look and Feel For Swing’ is now available. Synthetica is a Synth-based tool that provides different visual themes for the core components of Swing, such as rounded borders and shadowed popup menus. Existing themes can be modified by editing the XML-based configuration files.

This version introduces updated background colour support for components; a new UI-property to improve content border gap customisation; and added support for UI-property “Button.showMnemonics.” It also fixes a tendency to not properly centre one-touch buttons of a JsplitPane, if a border is set.

Please see the Release Notes for more information. An Evaluation copy is available to download from the Synthetica website. Please note that login is required.

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