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SWT Creator Joins Oracle

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Vaadin gets touch device support, and Artifactory 2.3.3 gets Jenkins updates.

Vaadin Framework Gets Touch Device Support

Version 6.6.0 of the Vaadin Java framework, has been announced with touch device support. Vaadin widgets can now handle touch events supported by devices including the iPhone, iPad and Android. Google Web Toolkit has been updated to version 2.3, IE9 is supported in native mode, and custom communication managers are supported, enabling WSRP and XS to be integrated. The visual editing tool for Vaadin is now officially part of the tool set for Eclipse IDE. Mobile device support with native look-and-feel is planned for future releases of Vaadin.

SpringSource Tool Suite 2.6.1 Released

The 2.6.1 release of the SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) is out now. In this release, vFabric tc Server version 2.5 is packaged and supported, and bug fixes have been introduced for tc Server instance creation. STS 2.6.1 can be downloaded now from the SpringSource website.

Artifactory 2.3.3 Released with Jenkins Updates

Version 2.3.3 of the Artifactory binary repository manager, is available to download. This update introduces support for release staging and promotion, which works alongside the new release management feature in the Jenkins Artifactory plugin. Users can now browse remote repositories hosted on Amazon S3, and Artifactory can be installed from an RPM on any RPM-supporting OS. New features for Artifactory Pro include provisioning dynamic settings and configuration resources to clients, and isolated resolution support for snapshot build chains. A free trial of Artifactory Pro 2.3.3 can be downloaded, and a yearly subscription can be purchased for $2,350 USD. Artifactory OSS 2.3.3 is available from JFrog’s website.

ForgeRock Launch New Open Source Community

ForgeRock, home of OpenDJ and OpenAM, have announced OpenICF, a new open source community that will use the Identity Connector Framework to host multi-purpose connectors. ForgeRock will encourage members of the OpenICF community to participate in developing existing and new Identity Connector Framework connectors. These connectors allows provisioning software to manage identities maintained by a specific identity provider, and are compatible with OpenIDM, Sun Identity Manager, Oracle Waveset, and Brinqa GRC Platform. Initial community members include ForgeRock, First Point Global, Nulli Secundus and Kogit.

SWT Creator Joins Oracle

Creator of the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) Steve Northover, has blogged that he will be joining Oracle:

“Why join Oracle? Oracle isn’t kidding. They are taking Java forward, removing roadblocks and doing whatever it takes. We’ve seen a few examples of this already. Oracle and IBM are working together. Oracle and Apple are working together and the Mac JVM is going to be better than ever.”

He states that he is not yet clear what his role in the company will be.

Scala on the Road to 2.9.0

The Scala programming language has moved one step closer to its 2.9.0 release, with a fourth release candidate. Scala 2.9.0 RC4 can be downloaded now.

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