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Spring Roo Moves to GitHub for First 1.2.0 Release

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Google purchase 1,023 IBM patents.

Spring Roo Moves to GitHub for 1.2.0 M1 Release

The first milestone of Spring Roo 1.2.0, has been announced. For this release, Spring Roo moves to the Apache Software License 2, and the code base has been moved to GitHub. It is also now possible for users to define their own repository layer approach, with awareness of these choices in the Roo-managed web tiers, data-on-demand mechanisms, and integration tests. However, Roo still supports embedding Active Record-style methods in entities. Storing entities in MongoDB is now supported, and fixes from JLine 1.0 are included in the Roo shell, including a fix that means backspace to a previous line will now work.

The next Spring Roo milestone will include support for JSF/PrimeFaces and multi-module Maven project support.


Google Purchase IBM Patents

According to Bloomberg, Google purchased 1,023 patents from IBM on August 16th. Previously, David Drummond, Chief Legal Officer at Google, has spoken out against a perceived “hostile, organized campaign against Android by Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and other companies, waged through bogus patents.” He has also stated that Google are now looking into strengthening their patent portfolio, to protect against threats to the Android OS.


JSR 348 Passes Review Ballot

JSR 348 has passed the JCP’s Review Ballot. JSR 348 proposes a range of changes to the Java Community Process, including changes to increase the transparency of Expert Group operations, and new efforts to make the annual election process more transparent.


SpringSource Tool Suite 2.7.2 With Cloud Foundry Updates

A new release of SpringSource Tool Suite has been released. SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) 2.7.2 ships with vFabric tc Server Developer Edition version 2.6 and Spring Roo 1.1.5. The Cloud Foundry integration has been improved, with users now being able to change their Cloud Foundry password from within STS 2.7.2. STS also adds a new server status section to display whether it is connected to a Cloud Foundry account. The applications that are deployed in Cloud Foundry are now always displayed within STS, which means an application is deployed straight after it is added to the Cloud Foundry sever. Previously, an application was not deployed until the first time it was launched. More information on the updates, is available at the STS New & Noteworthy PDF.


Big Faceless Java Graph Library 2.4.3 Released

A new release of the Big Faceless Java Graph Library is now available. The Big Faceless Java Graph Library is a Java class library for producing Charts and Graphs, supported by a full 3D engine. The new version 2.4.3 removes legacy code, meaning that Java 1.4 or later is now required, and improvements have been made to the algorithm to prevent overlaps of labels when drawing PieGraphs. This release also includes fixes for SOAP requests, and fixes some bugs in the PDF output. More information is available at the Changelog, and a free trial of the Big Faceless Java Graph Library is available now.

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