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Spring Roo 1.2.0 gets full release

Chris Mayer

Now with JSF / PrimeFaces scaffolding, multi-module Maven support and most importantly, Apache 2.0 licensed

Yet another member of SpringSource’s fine portfolio of projects has received a full release just before the year is out. Spring Roo 1.2 GA has been launched, promising performance and usabillity improvements that the community craved.

For those not familar, Spring Roo is an open source tool that favours convention-over-configuration principles to provide a rapid application development for Java enterprise applications that use Java technologies such as Spring Framework, Java Persistence API, Java Server Pages, Apache Maven and AspectJ. This version isn’t too dissimilar 

Alan Stewart, Spring Roo’s project lead announced the news on the SpringSource blog, promising the following adaptations for the project.

Spring Roo 1.2 is available for download now and can be integrated with practically every mainstream Java technology going. As ever, the team are welcoming user feedback on the community forum and through Twitter. Contact them @SpringRoo and by using the hashtag #springroo in your tweets.

It’s been a busy year for the Spring Roo team, shifting their code base to Github and striving to get this version out as the year ended. We can’t wait to see what additions are made in the future.

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