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Spring Framework 5.1 is here, with JDK 11 as its preferred long-term support

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Spring Framework 5.1
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Spring Framework 5.1 is here, along with a whole garden full of improvements for the entire Spring family. We dig deep into what’s in store for developers, from infrastructure upgrades in Spring 5.1, the release of Spring Data Lovelace, and news about the Spring One Platform!

Like clockwork, as the seasons turn, Spring comes to use with a whole garden full of improvements and upgrades. After this summer’s RC 1, Spring Framework 5.1 is available for a general audience.

Spring Framework 5.1 is something of a tent pole release; Spring Data Lovelace and Spring Session both have updates as well and there’s even news about the upcoming Spring Boot 2.1 releases!

Let’s dig right in!

Spring Framework 5.1

Not much has changed here since we looked at Spring Framework’s RC1 earlier this summer.

As previously mentioned, the new Spring Framework now requires JDK 8 or higher. It explicitly supports JDK 11 (which should be out later today!) as the next long-term support release. So, upgrade, for warning-free support for JDK 11 on the classpath and the module path.

Infrastructure improvements include deep integration with the Reactor Californium, a fourth-generation Reactive library for building non-blocking applications on the JVM. It also supports Hibernate ORM 5.3 for better data persistence in relational databases and Graal native image constraints. The 5.1 release offers performance improvements for core type and annotation resolution.

The core container has a number of improvements, like functional bean definition refinements for Java and Kotlin. Spring Framework 5.1 has optimized startup times thanks to an increased use of reflection. It also consumes less heap memory.

As for web revisions, the debug log has been improved by cleaning up the logging experience. This makes them more readable with details at the trace level for an easier bug fixing experience.

For the full changelog with information about all the changes to Spring Framework 5.1, head here. Get Spring Framework 5.1 here!

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Spring Data Lovelace

Shipping on the heels of Spring Framework 5.1, Spring Data Lovelace is now also generally available. Named after the incomparable Ada Lovelace, this upgrade comes with all kinds of features, improvements, and fixes.

In particular, Spring Data now has additional support for immutable objects as well as deferred JPA repository initialization. Developers can also count on support for MongoDB 4.0 Client Sessions and Transactions.

Spring Data Lovelace takes advantage of the new JDBC module for easier implementation of those repos. There are also Apache Cassandra mapping improvements for Map and tuple types, Lifecycle Callbacks, and Kotlin Extensions. And finally, Spring Data Redis now allows for replica reads.

More information about Spring Data Lovelace is available here. If you want to upgrade your Spring Boot 2.0 project to Lovelace, just set the spring-data-releasetrain.version property to Lovelace-RELEASE.

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Spring Boot

Keep your eyes peeled; Spring Boot 2.1 RC1 is expected in mid-October. This will ship directly against Spring Framework 5.1, so any feedback now improves your experience down the lines.

Plus, you really should check out the new Spring Initializer. Immediately bootstrap applications for Maven and Gradle projects with your language and Spring Boot release of choice. Check it out now!

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