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Spring Framework 4.1.4 released

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It seems that good things come in threes with new releases of Spring Framework – versions 4.1.4, 4.09 and 3.2.13 have arrived with bug fixes and improvements aplenty.

Just in time for the New Year, Spring Framework 4.1.4, 4.0.9 and 3.2.13 have been released as detailed by Jürgen Höller over on the Spring Blog. With these three maintenance releases, a number of minor issues have been fixed, together with a few improvements for good measure. More details about these improvements can be read at the Changelogs via JIRA.

After a year of active maintenance, it has been strongly recommended that upgrades to the 4.1.x line be made in order to prepare for the next scheduled maintenance release of 4.1.5. The 4.0.9 release is the last version in the 4.0.x development strand.

On top of this, the entire 3.2.x strand is approaching its end of life in 2015, with Höller noting that maintenance of critical issues for the line is still on the agenda for now, but no more than two or three further releases should be expected in future.

The Spring Framework development team now want to make the 4.2 release their main focus. The planned new features include annotation-driven application events, declarative HTTP caching, and support for Server-Sent Events in Spring MVC. Other new features are also expected, with more information to be available soon.

The 4.2 release is slated to be a no-fuss upgrade from 4.1.x, with no changes needed in system requirements or general dependencies. A first release candidate of Spring Framework 4.2 will be available in May, with general availability planned for late June.

Spring for Hadoop 2.1.0

In other Spring-related news, Spring for Hadoop 2.1.0 has just reached its third milestone. A complete overview of new features available at the Changelog. Spring for Hadoop provides seamless integration of Big Data Frameworks in Apache Hadoop, and other components of the Hadoop ecosystem in the Spring world. The release is now available in the Spring IO repository.

More project information about the Spring for Hadoop release can be found here.

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