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Spring 3.1 Release Train complete

Chris Mayer

VMware announce the availability of the entire Spring 3.1 Release Train plus announce some interesting stats too…

Virtualisation leader VMware, in conjunction with SpringSource, has announced that the entire Spring 3.1 Release Train is complete. Spring IntegrationSpring SecuritySpring BatchSpring DataSpring Mobile and Spring for Android all now support Spring 3.1, the popular open source Java framework.

This means that Spring developers can now fully benefit from all the new features in Spring 3.1 such as Java 7 support, Hibernate 4.0, configuration on the basis of @ annotations and are now enable to adopt a declarative caching solution.

With these advances in Spring 3.1, developers now have it much easier when accessing enterprise information stored in traditional databases as well as new NoSQL data platforms and “big data” distributed processing solutions like Apache Hadoop. The big data platform is getting its own project as well. With the addition of new REST enhancements, Java developers can use Spring to build the critical services to mobilise enterprise applications.

Within the press release, VMWare reports some intriguing statistics such as:

  • 70 percent of Spring users report at least a 50 percent productivity gain by using Spring and 73 percent report that Spring allows them to deliver projects twice as fast 
  • More than two thirds of Java developers are either using Spring today or plan to do so within the next two years
  • More than half of Spring users expect to grow or significantly grow their use of Spring
  • Spring users are more cloud-ready; The Evans Data results show heavy Spring adopters are more likely to have already deployed applications to the cloud
  • More than half of all Spring developers report that they plan to move Java applications to a lightweight server such as Apache Tomcat within one year.

Their research also shows that ‘average monthly Spring downloads via Maven Central have grown 40% year to date and all community participation metrics for Spring are at the highest levels ever recorded.’

It looks like Spring is becoming more popular than ever before, so there’s no better time to embark on a world tour, right? SpringOne on the Road invites community members to come join them in April and May in Kiev, Moscow and London, plus there’s the cloud-focused Cloud Foundry Open Tour too. That one is more intercontinental - Beijing, Shanghai, San Francisco, Tokyo, Portland, Austin, Texas, Washington, Kiev, Moscow, London.

If you’re not sure about Spring, check out the video below:


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