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Spring 3.1 gets green light for general availability

Chris Mayer

First proper release of Spring framework since 2009 sees SpringSource focus on building full Java 7 support.

VMware’s SpringSource team are delighted to announced the full release for their framework Spring 3.1, a substantial upgrade that promises several key features purpose-built to make the development environment vigilant ahead of the challenges in 2012.

This is the first Spring release that will include full Java 7 support within it – not that older versions couldn’t do so before, but 3.1 goes further with support for JDBC 4.1 as well as convenient ForkJoinPool setup and injection.

The major improvements outlined by SpringSource include –

  • The environment abstraction and the associated bean definition profiles
  • Java-based application configuration based on @Enable* annotations on configuration classes, allowing for convenient container configuration.
  • Cache abstraction with Cacheable on top, focusing on convenient interaction between application code and cache providers.
  • The Servlet 3.0 based WebApplicationInitializer mechanism for bootstrapping a Spring web application without web.xml
  • Revised MVC processing with flash attribute support, a new @RequestPart annotation, and further REST support refinements. This new HandlerMapping/HandlerAdapter variant is also highly extensible for custom MVC needs

This is the first full release since 2009 and a lot of this of course has been filtered through RCs and Milestones, but if you’re a newcomer, its an ideal time to use the framework with Java 7 support now targeted. You can get it now via Maven Central, or their repository. The change log gets right down to the nitty gritty of each adjustment though.

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