Sonatype Rescue Mission For Projects


Jason van Zyl has announced a Sonatype rescue mission on March 5th in response to what he refers to as “numerous problems with the Maven repositories on”

In a blog post, Sonatype pinpoint the repository infrastructure at as the root of countless headaches for hosted projects. Zyl cites complains about mix-ups between both Maven 1 and Maven 2 repositories, and releases and snapshots, and a lack of javadocs, sources and signatures. The post also complains of poor project metadata, and sums up its list of problems by claiming demonstrates a “general inability…… provide any coherent means of delivering valid repository content to the Maven community.” In the past, projects like GlassFish have used their own repositories to workaround’s difficulties with Maven.

But, Zyl is determined to put this right: “I figured instead of continuing to complain –and continuing to field the complaints of Maven users– I’m going to do something about it.” Hence, Juven Xu and Marvin Froeder from Sonatype will begin work on servicing all requests to migrate projects’ Maven Repository infrastructure from, to Sonatype’s Nexus OSS instance. Sonatype are dedicating an entire day – March 5th, 2010 – to helping projects make the transition. Although, projects will still be able to access Sonatype’s help after this date.

Creator of Project Grizzly, Atmosphere and contributor to GlassFish, Jean-Francois Arcand has already pledged his support to Sonatype’s rescue mission. In a blog post, he admitted that “deploying Maven artifacts using the repository is always a challenge and most of the time the result is unpredictable” before enthusing that “the good news is that Sonatype is opening its Nexus OSS instance for all of the project!”

Sonatype request that projects interested in making the switch, should first read the company’s guide for OSS Repository Hosting.

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