Social App Foursquare Ported To Scala/Lift


Fast growing social networking project Foursquare has been ported to the Scala/Lift web framework. This includes the Foursquare website, mobile website and Foursquare REST api.

Location-based social application Foursquare is a cross between a friend-finder, a social city-guide and a game where users are rewarded for discovering new places and exploring your neighbourhood. Users frequently update their current location with the app, which then broadcast the information to their friends. Foursquare awards badges for ‘checking in’ at a variety of locations. Users earn more points for exploring different parts of the city, for checking in at multiple spots in one night, and for providing tips for other people to try and completing to-do lists.

In July 2009, the Washington Post tipped Foursquare as the potential next social media phenomena. hasn’t yet been ported, and there is a REST api that will remain on PHP, to support current versions of the Foursquare iPhone app.


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