Watch Christian Schneider's session at DevOpsCon 2018

Seven Security Sins: The 7 biggest security problems of agile projects

JAXenter Editorial Team

The agile development of software offers numerous advantages for developers and development teams. On the other hand, Agile also poses new security challenges. Christian Schneider shows in his session from DevOpsCon 2018 which security sins should not be committed in agile projects.

This talk calls attention to the seven biggest problems encountered when building security into agile projects. Based on rules of thumb from security consulting, you will experience first-hand the expected (and unexpected) obstacles you can meet.

You will hear about technical, organizational, process-oriented and even skill-related issues, with which teams find themselves confronted, when trying to improve the security of their projects in a sustainable way. You will receive, as a content-related takeaway, tailor-made solution models that are applicable and effective for both large companies and specialized service providers alike.

Christian Schneider (@cschneider4711) has pursued a successful career as a freelance Java software developer since 1997 and expanded it 2005 to include the focus on IT-Security. His major areas of work are Penetration Testing and Security Architecture Consulting. As a trainer Christian regularly conducts inhouse training courses on topics like web application security and coaches agile projects to include security as part of their process by applying Security DevOps concepts. Also Christian regularly enjoys speaking on national and international conferences about IT-Security topics.


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