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Monitoring Serverless Applications on AWS

JAXenter Editorial Team

Serverless is fun and easy. But what about monitoring? Is there a monitoring monster lurking around the corner? There are tons of options to tackle the monster, but what features does AWS offer? And more importantly, how can you best use them to make sure you aren’t called out of bed at night?

In this talk, follow Nick Van Hoof as he shares his own experiences using serverless in production for more than a year.

– Should you structure your logs? Of course, but why?
– How do you set up distributed tracing with X-Ray?
– Provide visibility using CloudWatch metrics and dashboards
– Get insight in your log data using CloudWatch Logs Insights

Using these tools and best practices, you’ll tackle the monster, no doubt. I’ll do you one better – there won’t be a monster, you’ll have a new best friend!


serverlessNick Van Hoof is passionate about cloud technology. He has major expertise in AWS and AWS serverless but he appreciates other clouds just as well. He wants to be ahead of change and thus he’s also working with IoT and AI.

On a personal level he enjoys athletics, cycling and coffee.

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