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Building sensor networks with Java on embedded devices

JAX Editorial Team
via Gerrit Grunwald (Oracle)

Oracle’s Gerrit Grunwald shows us the hardware and software setup needed to create a sensor network infrastructure that runs purely from embedded devices.

If you’d like to build a sensor network, you usually need some server infrastructure for communication, database and so on. In this session from the 2014 Internet of Things conference in Berlin, Gerrit Grunwald of Oracle shows us how to build a sensor network with the complete infrastructure based on embedded devices only.

Two Raspberry Pis, a BeagleBoneBlack, a CubieBoard and an i.MX6-based Cubox-i will be used as servers and client to manage the sensor network. In addition, iOS and Android-based devices will be used to monitor the sensor network data by using JavaFX. The idea is to use cheap standard devices to control and monitor the sensor network and use Java(FX) where possible.

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