When two become one

SE and EE ECs merge to bring Java ‘One Platform’ dream closer

Elliot Bentley

Java Community Process committees vote for sweeping changes to EC structure as well as electoral reform.

The merging of Java SE and EE came one step closer to reality on Friday, as the Executive Committees voted in favour of becoming a single entity. Originally proposed in January, the approval of JSR 355 is a political step forwards towards unifying the Java platform.

“The second JSR was inspired by our conviction that Java is One Platform and by our expectation that Java ME and Java SE will become more aligned over time,” JCP Chair Patrick Curran wrote in April. “We believe that these changes will streamline our operations, and position us for a future in which the distinctions between desktop and mobile devices become increasingly blurred.”

Out of both Executive Committees, there were no votes against the proposals, although Google abstained. Goldman Sachs & Co., meanwhile, failed to cast a vote, and could go the way of RIM and AT&T, who have seen their voting rights suspended.

Upcoming October 2012 elections will be held as usual, but candidates will only serve a year-long term and the two ECs will serve as one, 30-member committee. Elections next year will see the committee slim down further to only 25, as part of a larger shake-up of election regulations which include a move from the current three-year election cycle to one every two years.

Photo by diskychick.

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